Mnangagwa Soldiers Beat Up Innocent Civilians 

Mnangagwa Soldiers Beat Up Innocent Civilians 

Source: Mnangagwa Soldiers Beat Up Innocent Civilians | ZimEye

By Langton Ncube| Soldiers in President Emmerson Mnangwagwa’s home town of Kwekwe at the weekend reportedly indiscriminately brutalized innocent civilians.

Settlement Chikwinya a former MDC-T legislator for Mbizo posted on his Face book page Monday claiming that soldiers indiscriminately beat up people in the Gold rich town at the weekend.

Below is Chikwinya’s account.

It is sad that we continue to witness the brutality of the new “ara” of military touch. Today I visited the Male surgical ward of Kwekwe General Hospital where more than half of the patients admitted are victims of brutality by Military personnel deployed in and around Kwekwe suburbs mostly Mbizo and Amaveni. I equally had a heart to heart talk with one of the Victims( name with held) who was brutalised at Mbizo 5 Dutch bus stop on Friday night simply because he did not have a voter registration certificate.

With Mugabe’s fall we all had hope for a new era devoid of disrespect of each other but rather one with an abundance of happiness and equal opportunities. It is my hope that ED will get this message at some point. These Military personnel are not doing him any favour. At some point the people will speak and it begins with these small incidences. Gukurahundi started with these small acts and I cannot be wrong to conclude that if unchecked the situation can easily deteriorate to the Gukurahundi levels. The Police are refusing to record the cases for obvious reasons. This is contrary to the latter and spirit of the solidarity march.


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    Reverend 4 years ago

    This is turning really bad now and the army are now out of controll and this Mnangagwa guy is going to have to get a grip or all the sweet talk at his inaugaration is meaningless. This is getting real scary, and as for his choice of ministers they are the top corrupt thugs and one and the same as before! What a smack in the mouth for the unity march we had!!
    Very sick people in charge and a sick situation.!!

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    Fallenz 4 years ago

    Com’on, man..! Seriously, did you really expect to see liberty, freedom, rule of law, and sanity to rise out of the dust??? These are the exact same people who have brutalized Zimbabwe for decades, and you expected change just because they outsted Mugabe and Grace from the top?

    These people have a self-inducted disease of self-serving entitlement, greed, and aggrandizement, uncaring at all about the people. You are correct that Gukurahundi began with small incidents, and expanded from there to a great genocide. It is also correct, that some of the very same people responsible for those awful atrocities are now in full control. So, you were expecting justice and righteousness to suddenly be manifest in the land? I bet you are also thinking that vote rigging is in the past, and honest democracy has arrived in Zim.

    Pure foolish, simple-minded, “head-in-sand” naivety to expect the people of Zim to have gained anything from one group of ZANU-PF gangsters to have overrun another.

    The day the communist-backed terrorists took over Rhodesia was the day all this began… if you were among those who cheered them on; if you were among those who did not speak out against the beginning of the ZANU-PF atrocities from Gukurahundi to the illegal farm invasions; if you did not openly oppose the obvious ZANU-PF vote rigging and imprisonment and disappearances of democratic and human-rights activists, then you are among those responsible, and gave up your right to complain about the plight and blight that became known as “Zimbabwe”.

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      I am not the one 4 years ago

      Oh, Fallenz! You know it doesn’t fit into the narrative of anything Zimbabwean to write something which makes sense. Yep, head in sand and arse in the air….Zimbabweans will be reamed once again. They obviously enjoy it!

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    poor journalism. there is no way military beat people for not having a voter’s certificate. never.

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    Red Dog 4 years ago

    What is “new ara” Mr Settlement? please enlighten us learned sir.