Chiwenga woos Zimbabwe Indian community 

Chiwenga woos Zimbabwe Indian community 

Source: Chiwenga woos Zimbabwe Indian community – Bulawayo24 News

Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga has told the Indian community that they are not aliens but Zimbabwean citizens and should embrace the national development agenda which will spell a new chapter for the country’s socio-economic development.

Dr Chiwenga was speaking in Harare at an interactive meeting with members of the Asian community and Zanu-PF supporters who reside in Belvedere, Harare and surrounding areas.

People of the Indian origin have been present in Zimbabwe since the 1890’s when their forefathers who worked as plantation workers in neighbouring South Africa crossed the border into the then Southern Rhodesia.

During the colonial era, Indians together with indigenous Zimbabweans faced discrimination from the colonisers.

Most Indians did not participate in active politics but some of them channelled funds to support the freedom fighters.

When the country attained independence the majority of the Indian community stayed out of active politics but a number of them rose to become prominent people in the Zanu-PF party and in government.

This Sunday, after more than three decades after independence, members of the Asian community demonstrated their solidarity with the government when they convened for an interactive meeting that they had requested with the country’s leadership.

Vice President Retired General Chiwenga said operation restore legacy succeeded because of the multitudes of Zimbabweans of all races and creed who marched together in November last year.

He told the Asian community that they are not aliens and must embrace the national development agenda.

The Vice President urged the Asian community to rally behind the Zanu-PF presidential candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa as the record of achievements that he has managed to deliver in just seven months that he has been in power is unquestionable.

On elections, Chiwenga said the Bulawayo explosion at a Zanu-PF rally will not deter the Zanu-PF leadership, adding that the government is committed to holding a free, fair and credible election.

He also slammed the MDC-T led Harare City Council for failing to deliver good and reliable service to the people.

Vice President Chiwenga took the opportunity to introduce the aspiring Zanu-PF councilor for ward 5 in Belvedere, Aburarrahman Sapa and Warren Park constituency aspiring National Assembly candidate, Gilbert Muponda.

Dr Chiwenga urged people to vote for Zanu-PF candidates who will work with the president to bring development to the country.

Professor Hasu Patel, who was Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore attended the meeting and Vice President Chiwenga paid tribute to a number of Indians who include the late national hero, Kantibhai Patel, who served as a member of the Zanu-PF Politburo and Central Committee, Bharat Patel and Ahmed Ibrahim who served as judges at the Zimbabwe Supreme Court.


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    I just hope that these people will not be hoodwinked. These are the same people who have treated other people as aliens for almost forty years. these are people who have been at the helm since 1980. It cannot be genuine today that they have suddenly realised that the Asians, whites, Ndebeles and other minorities are citizens as they. The solution is to just vote them out and move on with rebuilding this great nation that they destroyed and failed to nurture. It is evil to campaign by using people’s vulnerabilities. ZANU yaora uye yapererwa nemazano. After all, the leadership of ZANU should have long retired from politics and any other active life. There is no new dispensation here. These are the same people who have treated minorities with utter disdain all their lives of power and arrogance. They take the country to be a fools’ paradise. Ask yourselves one question. “Why now?” It is not as if Mugabe was the sole leader since 1980. These people were with him. They collectively discriminated agains those with Asian Origin. If people are used for convenience, they will learn later that these are wolves in sheep clothing.
    Why now again? What is it that makes you think we are people now? Why have you left us out of your programmes for all these years? Do not worry that there was discrimination against us during the white regime. The truth is that there has been worse discrimination after 1980. We suffered with you for a country with equal opportunities. You and your Mugabe took us as aliens when independence was obtained. We have survived through sheer resilience and you have plundered the resources with impunity. You deserve rejection by all communities including people of the Asian descent. Do not dare tell us that we are in the mess of dongas on the roads due to the opposition. It is ZANU that inherited a jewel of Africa and destroyed it, despite all warnings from the founding fathers of African independence. It was power for the sake of power. We have had to suffer merely because Mugabe et al liberated us. Please do not be fooled. We need to start afresh and leave the liberation mantra. Open for business! Surely? Who closed the country for business in the first place? Was it not Mugabe and his lieutenants inculsive of the so called new dispensation? Evrything ZANU needs to go and the counrty starts on a new trajectoty. Together we shall prosper. Real change is not in ZANU. Real change is in those that began the movement for change and have been beaten for demanding what is right. Real change is not from those who have overstayed in power. Generations that are less than half a decade will do far much better.