Choose the right leaders: ED 

Source: Choose the right leaders: ED | The Herald March 28, 2018

Choose the right leaders: EDPresident Mnangagwa

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke Manicaland Bureau
President Mnangagwa has said he will not tolerate imposition of candidates in the forthcoming elections and urged Zanu-PF supporters to choose leaders who work with the people.

Addressing a crowd of supporters who had gathered at Mutare Aerodrome to see him off last Friday after he commissioned the $40 million Willowton plant, President Mnangagwa said people had every right to choose leaders of their choice.

“As we approach the elections, I want people to know that we have agreed with the party leaders that there will be no imposition of candidates. People should choose who they want to lead them. From district level, anyone who is willing can get into Parliament, Senate or even into Cabinet,” he said.

“But we want you the electorate, to choose that person,” he said.

“Ini ndaramba, nemiwo murambe. Munoita zvamunoda, munhu wamunovimba naye wamunoona kuti anodzoka kuvanhu, anotaura nevanhu. Ndozvatavakuda. (I say no to this, you should too. You should do what you want, chose someone you trust, someone you know will come back to you with feedback, someone who understands you. That is what we are looking for.)”

He said leaders were servants of the people; as such, they should always do what the people want, adding that those leaders who do not submit to the masses do not deserve to represent the people.

“If we do that (submit to the electorate), our leaders will stay in office because they would be serving the people. They will also grow,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said information should flow from top to bottom in an orderly manner. He urged supporters to be united and avoid violence.

“Chikuru kubatana nekuwirirana. No violence. Isu muZanu-PF hapana chipolitical party chatinotya, tichahwina sekugara tichingohwinha kwatanga tichiita,” he said.

(The most important thing is unity and love. No violence. We in Zanu-PF, are not afraid of any political party. We will win, like we have always done.)

President Mnangagwa said his Government was concerned with developing the country into a middle-income economy in the next 12 years.

“Government will create policies that make it easy for the poor to work and improve their lives.

“We will also put in place policies that allow capable people to be elevated on merit,” he said.

Willowton manufactures cooking oil and soap and there are plans to venture into candles, margarine and rice production.