City officials expose each other to commission 

Source: City officials expose each other to commission –Newsday Zimbabwe

Mafume, however, berated council officials for leaking important documents.

HARARE mayor Jacob Mafume has accused council officials and councillors of breaching the Official Secrets Act by leaking important documents to the public in a bid to expose each other to the commission of inquiry.

Mafume made the remarks while addressing a full council meeting at Town House yesterday saying council’s systems had become porous, with important documents being leaked to the Press and commission.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month appointed a commission of inquiry led by retired judge Justice Maphios Cheda to investigate the City of Harare’s management and council for a period starting from 2017.

Commission members includes Public Service minister in the government of national unity between 2009 and 2013, Lucia Matibenga, Steven Chakaipa, Norbert Phiri and Khonzani Ncube.

Local Government and Public Works permanent secretary John Bhasera is the commission secretary.

The commission will run for at least six months when it is expected to submit its report to Mnangagwa.

Mafume, however, berated council officials for leaking important documents.

“We all signed the Official Secrets Act, (but) documents are flying from right to left. I am asking what was the reason of signing the Official Secrets Act?

“We cannot have a porous organisation. There is no secret whatsoever here at Harare City Council. I am being confronted in bars with some documents.

“There are comrades who are after each other and it is not good at all. We have people who are printing documents which will be shared in the public.”

Councillors resolved that those caught offside should be charged.

The Justice Cheda-led commission started public hearings last week amid reports that presentations made so far have rattled the local authority, with officials seamingly competing to expose each other.

The Harare Magistrates Court recently armed the commission with a search and seizure order targeting, among others, council’s top brass.