Climate change threatening Africa’s wildlife

Source: Climate change threatening Africa’s wildlife – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has expressed concern over depleting water sources in Africa’s wildlife parks, which might increase human-wildlife conflict as animals search for drinking water in human settlements.

In a tweet yesterday, AWF said:  “Africa’s animals, landscapes and rural communities bear the brunt of #climatechange.”

During the 2021 rainfall season, Hwange, in Matabeleland North province received 148 millimetres of rainfall in January, 144 millimetres in February, 70 millimetres in March, 0,25 millimetres in April and no rains from May to July.

The area is also prone to human-wildlife conflicts as animals search for drinking water during the dry season.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Tinashe Farawo yesterday told Southern Eye that water shortages at Hwange National Park were usually experienced during the dry seasons of September and October.

“At the moment we are not experiencing the water problems because we usually experience the water problems around September to October.

“Over the past two years we have experienced good rainfall.  Hwange National Park is also run by 100% borehole water. Whenever there is drought, water tables are low and we use the borehole water. The water that we got from the rains early this year is also still available,” Farawo said.