Coltart engages AfDB to solve water crisis 

Source: Coltart engages AfDB to solve water crisis – The Southern Eye

Bulawayo mayor David Coltart has engaged the African Development Bank (AfDB) for funding to address the city’s water challenges.

Residents are going for days without water due to dwindling levels at the city’s supply dams.

Umzingwane Dam is set to be decommissioned next month as it was 4. 13% full as of Friday last week.

 “Unless the government accepts that the city is a water shortage area, we may need to turn to AfDB funding,” Coltart said in an interview.

“I recently met with the AfDB which has just concluded a successful project like the rehabilitation of the Criterion waterworks and in my meeting with them, I raised the prospect of us being able to get further funding for water projects.”

A fortnight ago, city fathers appealed to government to declare the city a water crisis area to pave the way for emergency funding towards short to medium term intervention projects.

In response, government has, however, appointed a 20-member technical committee to oversee implementation of intervention projects over a 100 day period.