Come out of hiding, Tshinga Dube urges JB

Come out of hiding, Tshinga Dube urges JB

Source: Come out of hiding, Tshinga Dube urges JB – Sunday News June 3, 2018

Cde Jabulani Sibanda

Cde Jabulani Sibanda


Peter Matika, Senior Reporter
CHAIRPERSON of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has called on former war veterans leader Cde Jabulani Sibanda to come out of hiding, return to mainstream politics and assist in the development of the country.

Rtd Col Dube, who is also National Assembly Member for Makokoba said as war veterans they had since apologised to Cde Sibanda and were appealing to him to return to the political scene to assist in the development of the nation.

Speaking on the sidelines of a war veterans, ex-detainees, war collaborators, widowers, widows and children of war veterans meeting at Stanley Square in Makokoba recently, Rtd Col Dube, said Cde Sibanda had spoken boldly of a series of events that could have led to the demise of the country.

“He said it; the country was under siege of a bedroom coup. We as war vets have apologised and are requesting that he returns to mainstream politics to once again assist in reviving our nation. The past is in the past, let us focus on the future. We fought for this nation together and we are still responsible for protecting it until the time comes to hand it over to future generations.

We are saying we need his expertise and guidance in all aspects,” said Rtd Col Dube.

He went on to address the issue of kingship in the country, saying there was no room for that and it was not necessary to have kings at this age.

“No to kingships, why should we have kings in the country after so long? I should be able to build a home anywhere I want in the country and not be subjected to issues of tribalism, as having monarchies would generate such.

“We are one people and we should learn to respect each other,” said Rtd Col Dube.

On the Gukurahundi issue, Rtd Col Dube said, “I have always said such issues cannot be swept under the carpet. The regions affected by the atrocities greatly are Matabeleland and Midlands.

Traditional leaders should be tasked with talking to the people to come up with a way of appeasing lost souls and those affected. All chiefs should meet and agree on what should be done. A solution to this old issue can be devised.

He added: “We are happy that now since the new dispensation people are free to say what they want without fear of victimisation. What people should also bear in mind is that turning around a country to be fruitful requires time and patience.

“Let us give our President a chance and as you can see he is doing a sterling job,” said Rtd Col Dube.