COMMENT: Sanctity of human life should always be observed

Source: COMMENT: Sanctity of human life should always be observed | The Sunday News

COMMENT: Sanctity of human life should always be observed
Peter Dube

IT is difficult to fathom the fact that anyone can kill because of a relationship or marriage gone bad, but still we have seen the continued rise of crimes of passion in the country, itself believed to be based on uncontrolled feelings of jealousy and even poor judgment by the perpetrators.

The usually serene City of Gweru affectionately known as the City of Progress on Friday woke up to a horrendous story that one of its well-known businessmen, Peter Dube (35), the owner of Mixed Blend Car Sale allegedly went berserk and shot four people, killing two instantly after suspecting that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

It is reported that Dube resorted to extreme measures because his girlfriend, Nyasha Nharingo (31), a socialite was calling an end to their romantic liaison. In a fit of rage Dube allegedly executed the deadly and unforgiving act as his wife watched in horror.

According to the story carried by our sister paper, Chronicle, Dube allegedly shot Nhangiro, her sister Nyaradzo (34), his girlfriend’s alleged lover identified as Shelton Chinhango and Nyasha’s friend, Gamuchirai Mudungwe (30). Chinhango and Mudungwe died on the spot. As we write Dube was still on the run after melting into darkness soon after committing the dastardly act.

It was only two months ago in February that residents of Bulawayo were also left shocked when an abusive out-of-work kombi driver allegedly brutally stabbed his girlfriend to death for wanting to end their relationship. Melinkosi Moyo from Lobengula West allegedly followed Prudence Ndlovu (24) from the same suburb to a relative’s home in Nkulumane suburb where he stabbed her repeatedly before fleeing from the scene. Moyo was later found dead in Esigodini after taking his life as he could not face the world after his heinous act.

It is against this background that we remind the general citizenry of our country that resorting to these extreme measures of taking life because the other part is no longer interested in the relationship is not the way to go. In fact, that is being selfish to the extreme and while we do not want to sound like the jury in the Gweru case that has since become the talk of the country, it was very foolish for Dube to take that decision. If finally caught and found guilty he is likely to be in jail for a long time. Such an outcome has devastating effects on his family which will live without a breadwinner. The same applies to those whose lives were taken during the shooting, they have lost their loved ones while the Nhangiro family is traumatised as their daughters are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at a Gweru hospital.

We therefore call upon our fellow countrymen and women to always take seriously the advice of the police who are always appealing to the people that in the event of a dispute, members of the public should desist from resorting to violence but should seek help from either their family members, police or church leaders.

It is also important for members of the public to note that thousands of people experience problems in their relationships that usually tax their patience, but it is very unwise to react by annihilating the source of those difficulties. People should learn to address their predicaments in softer ways, no matter how difficult the situation might look like.

The sanctity of human life should always be observed and in fact no one deserves to die in the name of love.

Also killing another person in the name of love is being on the wrong side of love itself. We therefore take this opportunity to remind the country’s citizenry that human life is sacred as espoused in commandment number six of the Ten Commandments of Holy Book which clearly bars people to kill in Exodus 20:13, “Thou shall not kill.”