Cop top rights violators

Source: Cop top rights violators | The Standard


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) was behind 50% of all human rights violations targeting mainly the opposition MDC Alliance party lead by Nelson Chamisa last month, a Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) report claims.

Zanu PF came second on the list with 22% while the army, municipal police and MDC Alliance all contributed to nearly 3% of all violations.

“The significant decrease in the army’s contribution to perpetrating human rights can be attributed to the withdrawal of substantial army activities in the enforcement of the lockdown as lockdown regulations were eased,” said ZPP.

ZPP said in one of the incidents an MDC Alliance party activist at Nyamavanga business centre in Mudzi West said unpleasant words at Zanu PF supporters.

ZPP said  ordinary  citizens made up most of the victims of the April human rights violations at over 91% with over 7% of the victims being MDC Alliance members.