Council starts attending to sewer challenges

Source: Council starts attending to sewer challenges | The Herald January 21, 2020

Council starts attending to sewer challenges

Sallomy Matare Herald Reporter
Harare City Council has started attending to sewer challenges affecting parts of Highfield around the Gazaland home industry area by laying 7,5 kilometres of new sewer pipes from the suburb to Firle Sewerage Works in Glen View.

The sewer line that is being replaced is prone to clogging, resulting in sewer bursts that were putting residents at risk.
The project, expected to cost $1 million, is being undertaken in partnership with Mashwede Holdings, a company that specialises in providing earthmoving equipment.

Addressing journalists during a tour of the project last week, Harare town clerk Engineer Hosiah Chisango said the project was part of its Urban Renewal programme.

“This is part of the Urban Renewal programme that we are doing as Harare City Council. This is a sewer line, we are upgrading the size of the pipes from 25mm diameter to 315mm to cater for Highfield area from Gazaland, Western Triangle and from Willowvale, High Glen to Firle.

“We are working here with the owner of Mashwede Village who has given us machinery that we are using as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility,” said Eng Chisango.

Eng Chisango said the pipeline used to go as far as the Glen View home industry, but is being extended to Firle so that it covers all areas in the vicinity of the sewerage works.

The town clerk said the upgrade will curb future sewer blockages.
“There have been frequent sewer blockages in Lusaka, Western Triangle and even the Willowvale industrial area, and we want to address this through the project.”

He urged residents to ensure that they also play their part in protecting the new infrastructure.
“We want to appeal to residents to avoid throwing sand into the sewer lines, it slows down the flow and it has got a tendency of building up and blocking the systems.

“The urban renewal programme is not just for the council, but for the residents. We need to take care of all our spaces, it is about painting, cleaning and refurbishing buildings.”

Eng Chisango said the Government continues to avail more funds towards infrastructure development.
“The Government continues to disburse funds for infrastructure development, the Ministry told us they have availed $70 000.”
Mashwede Holdings owner Mr Alex Mashamhanda said their involvement in the project was a way of giving back to the community.

“We are part of the community. We are where we are in business because of this community. I hope this project will also motivate other corporates to take a part in projects that benefit the community.”

Mr Mashamhanda, who owns an entertainment joint and a filling station along High Glen Road in Glen View known as Mashwede Village, also partnered the city council in rehabilitating traffic lights at the intersection of Willowvale and High Glen roads prior to the opening of the village.

“It would have been irresponsible on our part not to fix the traffic lights at the intersection which is very close to us, yet our business draws a lot of youngsters who drive through it on their way to and from our village.

“We are happy that council responded and gave us some material needed to put these solar-powered traffic lights,” said Mr Mashamhanda.