State drops charges against Guvamombe 

Source: State drops charges against Guvamombe | The Herald January 21, 2020

State drops charges against GuvamombeMishrod Guvamombe

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter

THE State yesterday dropped criminal abuse of office charges against suspended Chief Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe before plea and will summon him for trial.

The State failed to indict him at the High Court.

Guvamombe reportedly recommended attachment places for former Cabinet Ministers, Supa Mandiwanzira and Saviour Kasukuwere, who were studying law at the University of Zimbabwe when they had pending criminal charges.

He was also facing allegations of interfering with a magistrate involved in a matter in which he allegedly had interests.

“The State is withdrawing charges against the accused before plea and it will be looking at the indictment papers. He will be summoned to court when the State is ready to indict him,” said the State led by Constance Ngombengombe.

The matter was withdrawn before magistrate Mr Amos Mabobo.

The court expressed its disappointment over the State’s failure to indict Guvamombe for trial saying it was showing lack of seriousness.

Magistrate Mr Christopher Maturure expressed his disappointment when he was making a ruling in the State’s application for postponement of the matter when Guvamombe last appeared in court.

“I am disappointed that the papers are not yet done.

“Clearly, we are disappointed by the way the process is being done. The explanation by the State is that one person is handing the matter to another and asking for postponement.

“There is no seriousness in the manner in which it is being done and the speed is not good enough.

“There must be a show of interest and the accused must not be seen to be begging to be prosecuted. The State must be demanding to prosecute.

“The State must show some interest on the matter they would have brought before the court,” said Mr Maturure.


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    Mapingu 3 years ago

    Everyone new it; we all know its exact name. It is called “CATCH & RELEASE”. Nothing new and nothing unexpected. Hanzi tiri kubata maInvestors kumeso so, that they come to zim thinking that gvt is serious about fighting corruption and lawlessness. In the eyes of ED and his cheerleaders Investors are very blind & gullible people who can be easily blindfolded and fail to see ED”s clownish antics like this CATCH & RELEASE game.