Court postpones U.S. citizen’s subversion case to January 

Source: Court postpones U.S. citizen’s subversion case to January – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 8, 2017

HARARE- Court has postponed to Jan. 4 the trial of a U.S. citizen accused of attempting to undermine the authority of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s government.


Martha O‘Donovan, 25, who is currently free on bail, denies the charges which center on a Twitter post the state says she wrote in October calling 93-year-old Mugabe a “selfish and sick man”.

Mugabe resigned a few weeks later in the wake of a de facto military coup and was succeeded by Emmerson Mnangagwa, who Mugabe had sacked as his deputy only a week before.

The state said it needed more time to complete its investigations into the allegations against O‘Donovan, who works for Magamba TV, which describes itself as Zimbabwe’s leading producer of political satire. When he released her on bail last month, High Court Judge Clement Phiri said there was “patent absence of facts” in the state’s case against her.


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    Flick 5 years ago

    Let it go you bozos !!! Who didn’t strive to undermine mugabe&co ? In any event he (mugabe) is now no more than an historical fact and should be, quite frankly, forgotten.

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      Kutama 5 years ago

      The lady should be given a medal? Mugabe was and still is just a f…pig. We all know that he sent the Fifth Brigade into Matabeleland. What is all the pretence about? Send the f…pig to The Hague. We do not want a precedent set of f…pig Presidents of Zimbabwe.

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    Simba Katsande 5 years ago

    I think Presi Ngwena can start depositing some good will for the future if he “pardons” this brave young girl and let her go. We all stood against the ills that Mugabe was all about for all these years. IMO, Martha is a “comrade”! Please shef, let her go.