COVID-19: Corporates must assist workers who test positive

Source: COVID-19: Corporates must assist workers who test positive | The Herald

COVID-19: Corporates must assist workers who test positive

Leroy Dzenga Herald Reporter
Employers whose workers test positive for Covid-19 are obliged to assist them with their needs during the recuperation period, an employer’s representative body has said.

There has been a recent rise of Covid-19 cases at works places, which has seen a number of organisations temporarily closing some of their offices.
Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe (ECZ) president Dr Israel Murefu said they have since issued a Covid-19 response protocol to their members and expect the empathetic handling of employees who test positive.

“We have issued an Employers Guide to Covid-19 management and response mechanisms which provide employers and businesses with guidelines on best practice and how to respond to a variety of challenges associated with the pandemic.

“These include working from remote sights, disaster recovery and working from home arrangements,” Dr Murefu said.

He said employers are obliged to provide whatever assistance is needed to ensure the employee gets the necessary treatment and therapy where necessary.
This comes as the country’s cases are nearing 2000, as employers begin to readjust to the rise in cases.

Government has led the way through trimming their workforce to only those classified as essential. On Monday, the Covid-19 national taskforce resolved that only critical workers within Government continue to work while the rest of the civil service remains at home.