Crocodiles kill 30 

Crocodiles kill 30 

Source: Crocodiles kill 30 | The Herald April 9, 2018

Crocodiles kill 30

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At least 30 people were killed by crocodiles in separate incidents countrywide since last year, while more than seven others were seriously injured. According to official statistics, of the 30 people, 25 were killed last year, while five lives were claimed since the beginning of the year.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo said on the overall, 58 cases of crocodile attacks were reported countrywide last year.

“Last year only, we received a total of 58 cases of crocodile attacks and we attended to 54 of these cases,” he said. “We however managed to eliminate about 28 crocodiles.”

Mr Farawo said most of the cases involved crocodiles that had encroached into communities.
Last year, he said, 18 cattle, four donkeys and 25 goats were also attacked and killed by crocodiles in separate incidents.
“We would want to urge people to alert us if they have any problems that involve crocodiles,” said Mr Farawo. “They must also stay away from water bodies as they risk being attacked and killed.”

Last month, a Harare woman was killed by a crocodile while trying to cross a stream in Budiriro in suburb.
Ms Tsitsi Jambaya, who was in the company of her neighbour, met her fate when she tried to cross a stream to fetch firewood.
Between January and July last year 22 people were also injured during attacks by animals in separate incidents.

Five were attacked by crocodiles, three by hippos, six by buffalo, seven by leopards, while the other one was killed by a lion.
During the period under review, Zimparks received a total of 243 cases involving human-wildlife conflict and managed to attend to 219.

Lions were responsible for most of the attacks at 59, followed by hippos (44), elephants (41), crocodiles (37), buffalo (35), hyenas (nine), zebras (eight), leopards (six), snakes (two), while bush pigs and baboons were each responsible for one attack.
A total of 109 cattle were killed by wild animals, including nine donkeys and 95 goats.

Of the 109 cattle, one was killed by a crocodile, 11 by hyenas, six by leopards and 91 were killed by lions.
ZimParks also reported that 46 goats were killed by lions, 20 by leopards, 28 by hyenas and one by a crocodile.
Mr Farawo said: “The number of animals that were eliminated was 56 and these include crocodiles (14), elephants (eight), hippos (10), hyenas (six), buffalo (11), leopard (one) and six lions.”