Daring thief steals police officer’s car

Source: Daring thief steals police officer’s car | The Herald May 6, 2019

Tapiwa Mushonga Manicaland Correspondent
A DARING Mutare man landed himself in trouble after he stole a car from a police officer who had parked on the roadside to relieve himself.

Tafadzwa Makunike stole Euphrage Mundiro’s car while he was relieving himself in Odzi.

Makunike was later arrested and taken to Mutare Magistrates’ Court charged with theft of a motor vehicle.

He admitted to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe, who remanded him in custody to today for sentencing.

The State, led by Mr Chris Munyuki, had it that April 28 this year at round 6am, Makunike spotted Mundiro parking his Toyota Wish (AFB 3612) on the roadside at the 12km peg along Odzi-Grange Road near Frisk Shops in Penhalonga.

Reports are that Mundiro wanted to take a recess and left the vehicle engine running with the doors open.

Makunike ran and jumped on the driver’s seat and he drove off.

Mundiro is said to have tracked his car and was told that Makunike was spotted driving it at Riverside.

Further investigations revealed that Makunike had taken to pirating along the Mutare-Harare highway.

The court heard that Mundiro continued with the search until he spotted Makunike driving his car along Chivhu-Nyazura Road with passengers on board.

Makunike is said to have stopped at Nyazura Bus Stop to pick up passengers prompting Mundiro to seek help from by-standers to apprehend the 26-year-old suspect.

He was taken to Nyazura Police Station.

The State alleges that Makunike also stole two cellphones which were in the car.

Upon interrogation,  Makunike led police to the buyers.


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    Mapingu 3 years ago

    I am glad a thief was caught and arrested. However, this happened simply becoz he had stolen from a policeman. So policemen are very effective and efficient when it comes to recovering their own stolen goods /properties. At the some time we know they are grossly ineffective when it comes to recovering goods belonging to the ordinary people. Yes, every efficient in covering their own and top government officials’ stolen things but not so for the ordinary man. That is you ZRP for you. The people we pay salaries thru our taxes can not solve the most obvious case for us nor recover anything for us; yet they recover for themselves and top government people.