Designers use fashion to self-express

Source: Designers use fashion to self-express – NewsDay Zimbabwe


MAGAMBA 2six3 fashion designers’ has said their vision is to express and show the world their different perceptions of life through fashion art.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style the groups representative Benevolent Horogoda said they have  incorporated all ages and genders in their designs to expand their clientele.

“Our vision as Magamba 2six3 fashion is simply to use fashion to tell different stories to the world. The idea is to show different perspectives of life through sustainable fashion and social corporate responsibility,” he said.

“As a brand, we have taken an inclusive approach, meaning to say our products now cater for every category of people in society. Our clothes are also custom made designs, that is to say, we can make anything for anyone.”

Horogoda said they established the fashion house in 2020 as a result of mutual interest in fashion art adding that they have adapted to the new normal way of doing business in the COVID-19 environment to create new designs and marketing strategies.

“The COVID-19 period has forced us to be more innovative and creative to adapt to the unpredictability of the business operations. We have managed to grow our clientele and reach a wider audience through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as most things have gone digital,” he said.

“We came up with the idea of making customised fabric masks with different prints and material. These masks are desirable in that they last longer than the disposable ones. We have also realised that we could showcase our artistic perception and talent to design clothes with paint, embroidery, patches and other different prints.”

He said the group has successfully spread its interconnectedness and teamwork to other budding fashion designers in order to broaden the art fashion industry.

“We have taken the challenges posed by the COVID-19 period as an opportunity to master our craft, solely focusing on our brand and the quality of our work. We have also managed to make contact with a couple of other designers and brands,” he said.

Horogoda said they have received positive feedback from the market.

“Magamba is closely linked with two clothing brands that can be said to be the right and left wings of the organisation, namely HASO Clothing and StayWoke Apparel. We are also working together on various projects which include musical projects,” he said.

“We are grateful that many people are actually appreciating our work and encouraging us to keep working towards our vision. Also, we can see the improvement we are making in terms of the quality of our work and the overall understanding of the industry.”