Destroyed Benz: Dad, son’s trial postponed

Source: Destroyed Benz: Dad, son’s trial postponed | The Herald February 14, 2020

Destroyed Benz: Dad, son’s trial postponed

Herald Reporter

The trial of a father and his son who were recently arrested in Glen View on allegations of destroying a Mercedes-Benz and other property belonging to his daughter’s ex-boyfriend was yesterday postponed to February 24.

Five witnesses are expected to testify in the case.

Daniel Nyamubarwa (61), a driver with the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, and his son, Cassidy Tinashe (24), yesterday appeared before Mbare magistrate Ms Kudzai Zihove facing charges of malicious damage to property and unlawful entry into premises.

Ms Zihove recently ordered that the five witnesses should come and testify as the trial continues.

The incident occurred after Posan Chitendere (30) had problems with Nyamubarwa’s daughter, Memory Tariro (28), after he terminated their relationship last year.

Allegations are that on August 12 last year at around 21.20pm, Chitendere was seated in his car, a Mercedes-Benz C240, at his house in Glen View Area 8 when Nyamubarwa, who was driving a Government-owned Nissan NP300 parked behind him, while Cassidy, who was driving a lorry, parked in front, thus trapping Chitendere.

Chitendere then approached Nyamubarwa intending to speak to him, but was allegedly hit on the shin with a metal bar.

Chitendere fled the scene.

Nyamubarwa and his son allegedly started destroying Chitendere’s vehicle using an axe and other unknown weapons, while he watched helplessly from a distance.

Chitendere phoned the police and officers from Glen View Police Station attended the scene, but could not restrain the two because they were armed.

The vehicle, worth US$7 500, was extensively damaged and has since been declared a write-off.

It is still parked at Glen View Police Station.

After damaging the vehicle, Nyamubarwa and Cassidy went to Chitendere’s house and forced their way inside.

There, they allegedly destroyed an HP monitor and stole two HP laptops, an HP CPU, US$3 600, $6 000 and six pairs of trousers.

It is alleged that they further poured drinks and cooking oil on his bed before disappearing from the scene.