Devolution changes face of Zvimba

Source: Devolution changes face of Zvimba | The Herald

Devolution changes face of Zvimba
Zvimba Rural District Council chief executive Officer Mr Enias Chidakwa

Blessings Chidakwa

Municipal Reporter

Devolution funds have transformed Zvimba Rural District Council, with over $30 million having been committed to various life-changing projects that include construction of schools and clinics.

In an interview, Zvimba RDC chief executive, Mr Enias Chidakwa said since 2019, various projects have been completed with others underway.

“We applaud President Mnangagwa for having fast-tracked the implementation of devolution, which has proven to be a game-changer in the area.

“Since 2019, we have received over $30 million which we committed to projects. Our major focus has been on constructing schools as the area being a farming area, there was a shortage of schools,” he said.

Mr Chidakwa said 30 classroom blocks and three administration blocks were at different stages of construction across the district.

One of the schools is Wichens Secondary school in Ward 17 where pupils used to learn from a farm house. 

The Zimbabwe National Army has been providing labour in the construction.

Mr Chidakwa said they divided their projects depending on areas that were in dire need, with Zvimba North and West districts having 10 schools each, while Zvimba South and East each have five schools.

Other projects being undertaken using devolution funds include the construction of three clinics.

Zvimba RDC has also bought a refuse compactor and constructed market stalls.

“The refuse compactor is being used in Banket Town and has increased efficiency as we used to rely on a tractor and a dumper.

“We also constructed market stalls for Kuwadzana township and this has made it easier for council to control illegal vending in the town. 

“There are also plans to construct a vegetable market,” said Mr Chidakwa.

He said council had also prioritised the purchase of road equipment machines including a motorised grader, 10 tonne truck and tow graders using devolution funds.

Through the use of $1,8 million disbursed under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme, council has rehabilitated roads that were damaged by rains.