Dialogue without Chamisa futile 

Source: Dialogue without Chamisa futile – DailyNews Live

Concerned  Zimbabwean    8 October 2019

EDITOR – President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF party seem to be
ignoring calls from the general populace and the international community
to initiate a truly national political dialogue to address the economic
crisis bedevilling the nation.

The sin of pride which is the foundational sin of all other sins seems to
be haunting our political leaders.

According to scholars, pride puffs up the ego, which tempts each one of us
to selfishly concentrate on what we want, often with no thought of the
God-given rights of others.

Instead of taming the pride-filled ego with humility, politicians often
allow it to dominate their thoughts, words and actions, which make
respectful and sincere dialogue nearly impossible.

Chamisa refused to join other political parties in the dialogue,
questioning the legitimacy and sincerity of Mnangagwa in resolving
national problems, hence any dialogue without his party is a waste of

It should be known to both Chamisa and Mnangagwa that meaningful dialogue
is absolutely necessary to eliminate the evils of violence, hunger and
poverty which are rooted in our communities.

Respectful dialogue communicates first and foremost from the heart.

It speaks from the heart and listens from the heart.
It is heart-to-heart communication.
Politicians must put national interests ahead of political affiliation.


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    Joe Cool 3 years ago

    Why do we keep hearing about this dialogue, or ‘heart to heart’communication. Why don’t the political parties openly publicise their ideas for reviving the economy, and let the entire populace ‘multilogue’. 16 million heads are better than ED and Chamisa.