‘Diaspora population could boost Zim economy’

Source: ‘Diaspora population could boost Zim economy’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe


International Organisation for Migration (IOM) chief of mission Mario Lito Malanca yesterday said Zimbabwe’s growing diaspora population could present economic opportunities for the southern African country.

Malanca made the remarks while addressing delegates at a conference organised by the IOM which was held in Victoria Falls to finalise the national migration policy for Zimbabwe.

He said in 2020, there were over 280,6 million international migrants worldwide, most of whom relocated in search of economic opportunities, peace and security.

Of the 280,6 million migrants, he said 48,1% were female, while 74% were economically active persons aged 20 to 64 years.  “Over the past two decades, the country has been a source for both regular and irregular migrants to the region and to countries further afield. Zimbabwe has also faced increasing challenges related to irregular migration, mixed migration flows from other countries that either transit through Zimbabwe or are asylum seekers in search of refuge,” Malancha said.

“Zimbabwe’s growing diaspora population also presents opportunities for economic development for Zimbabwe.

“Consequently, well-governed migration brings profound benefits to both ‘receiving’ and ‘sending’ countries. Receiving countries get productive workers who fill key gaps in the labour market and help their demographic profiles.”

Malanca said other benefits of migration included receipt of billions of dollars in remittances from overseas workers.


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    Ndonga 1 year ago

    I came to the UK in search of what this Mario Malanka truthfully calls “economic opportunities, peace and security”.
    These life essentials I never had in Zimbabwe under Mugabe and then his star pupil Mnangagwa.
    I thank God for all the good things I have found here in the UK.
    I in return have given my UK employers very good service.
    I have also faithfully sent remittances home to my family in Zimbabwe.
    But I must say that I will never ever return home to my beloved Zimbabwe as long as ED and his criminal gang rule there.
    They are bigger criminals than Smith and his people ever were.

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    Nyoni 1 year ago

    Another talkfest when instead this useless regime should be talking on how to create jobs not worry about taking other people’s money. What happens if the situation changes overnight and there is a world war which would definitely affect us . Without forward thinking and planning to make our own prosperous by creating jobs how will we ever get ahead. Depending on others is not the way but working with others to achieve a goal is the way forward. Get on with it ZanuPF useless bandits.