Documentary exposes sexual crimes in Matobo 

Source: Documentary exposes sexual crimes in Matobo – NewsDay Zimbabwe

A DOCUMENTARY by the Matobo Youth Development Initiative (MYDI), has unravelled sexual crimes being committed in Matabeleland South’s Matobo district.

“The community is almost normalising the abuse of women, and everyday a case is reported,” a woman from Matobo said in the documentary in which many women tell tales of rising cases of female abuse.

Ward 22 resident Blessed Nyathi recently said pregnant women from Maphisa were being sexually abused while seeking healthcare services.

Matobo district is a gold panning area, making it a criminal hotspot.  Places like Maphisa and Mthwabezi are now dangerous for women.

Emelia Ncube, a victim of domestic violence said she was evicted by her nephew from her homestead after she gave him a place to live.

In Halawubha village, two women were allegedly axed to death by family members in different incidents. Circumstances surrounding the incidents are unclear.

Ward 9 councillor Otto Dube said cases of violence against women went unreported due to long distances people had to travel to report at Kezi Growth Point.

“Most women have no money to travel to Kezi to report the cases and give evidence in court. Where there are no witnesses, the accused can pay bribes to the police and the docket is then closed,” Dube said.

He decried drug abuse among the youth saying it was the main cause of violence against women.

“The women are also exposing themselves to abuse by taking drugs,” he added.

Tshiphisani village head Nkosana Moyo said:  “We do take these issues to authorities, but there is no solution even if the cases go before the courts.”

Matobo has 25 wards, 20 of which have male councillors and four have female councillors. The district has two hospitals, Maphisa and Tshilanyemba.