Drought is no excuse for poor leadership

Source: Drought is no excuse for poor leadership – The Standard January 12, 2020

letter to my people:BY DOCTOR STOP IT

My Dear People,
The Lacoste factional government has been moaning and groaning continuously about how their so-called Second Republic has been very unlucky.
They say they are failing to fulfil basic governance issues because of some misfortunes.

Mthuli Ncube has been  at the forefront as the chief complainer, saying inadequate rainfall was such bad luck as it would cause Zimbabweans to starve.
Really, Cde Ncube?

Were we not told that nobody would starve as our grain silos were full?

There are two schools of thought that seek to try to explain that yarn.

The first, and most likely the truth, is that we were told plain lies. That our silos were never full and that people were being told what comes out of the tail end of a bull.

Those who are more lenient  have tried to suggest that there was indeed enough food but it was recklessly distributed to  people in rural areas ahead of the 2018 national harmonised elections as part of vote-buying.

Whatever the situation, even in Biblical times,  Joseph was able to prepare for seven years of famine by simply being organised — something which the Zimbabwean government is not.

For an organised government, drought should never result in food shortages. South Africa and other countries in southern Africa are faced by similar drought, but none of those countries is talking about being “unfortunate” and about starvation.

That is probably because they are organised and we are not.

For example, the military hardware such as fighter jets and tanks that we continue to buy from the East is unnecessary and instead, we could use those billions to import food.

We are not at war with anybody and will never be at war with anybody so we don’t need a military that gobbles billions of dollars.

So if we fill up our silos with grain, clueless government officials will not utter useless statements to the effect that due to some perceived misfortune, they are failing to govern.

That is a lame excuse, Comrade Barbican.

If people have inadequate food due to poor rainfall, then it is up to the state to ensure that its people are fed.

If that does not happen, then it means one thing.


And it looks like that clueless lot has failed the people of Zimbabwe.

As one person observed, ED gets advice from his Cabinet, the Central Committee, Politburo, Presidential Advisory Committee and of late, the POLAD.

So far, nothing seems to be working as life has become even more difficult as compared to the Robert Gabriel Mugabe era.

POLAD Clowns

It is Polad, the political clowns, that I want to briefly write about.

As Tshinga Dube hinted, ED is playing with successful failures.

First, it was Zanu PF stalwart, Bryn Mteki, who woke up one morning and told the world that he had realised that: “Zimbabwe had one President”.

But everyone knew that Zimbabwe had one President!

Others went on to ask what he had been smoking.

Anyway, like a prodigal son, we saw him being “welcomed back” home into his party.

The question remains: How many other POLAD presidents will wake up one day and realise that Zimbabwe has one President?

This stunt by Mteki only helped to fuel speculation that some of the POLAD members were sponsored by the ruling party.

Little wonder Nero has accused POLAD of being nothing other than a grouping of political parties that lost elections to him.

And Madam Thokozani Khupe, one of the few credible people in that grouping, should take it easy when praising the Lacoste factional government.

Gushing praises for dictators does not always look well on people’s CVs.

That can come to haunt you later in life.

Zanu PF, MDC same WhatsApp Group

Have you ever noticed  how difficult it has become to tell the difference between the two major political parties, Zanu and MDC?

Could the similarities be stemming from the fact that quite a number of the MDC’s founding leaders were disgruntled ruling party members?

And with everyone expecting MDC to do things in a different manner, they seem to be complementing Zanu PF.

Look at how the MDC-run Harare Municipality is doing its best to bring suffering to the residents.

Skyhigh rates and failure to collect refuse and pumping raw sewage into Lake Chivero, the main water source for Harare, is failure on the part of the MDC party.

Ntombizodwa woyee!
Chatunga woyee!
Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)
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