Drug addicts terrorise families 

Source: Drug addicts terrorise families – The Southern Eye

Some drug addicts in Bulawayo are said to be tormenting their family members and some of them are accused of being violent.

A resident, Philani Ndlovu, said he was living in fear of his cousin whom he said turns violent when under the influence of alcohol.

“Every time he drinks, he becomes violent to the children and women we stay with if I am not around,” Ndlovu said.

An elderly woman from Northend raised similar fears about her grandson.

“He comes at night intoxicated and uses objects to open the doors to the house,” MaNgwenya said.

“I live in fear because I am always alone.”

Another Cowdray Park resident said: “l have a cousin who abuses the family if he doesn’t have the money to buy drugs.”

Ingutsheni Hospital chief executive Nemache Mawere urged the families to seek help so that the addicts get medical assistance.

“We admit patients with drug and substance abuse problems at Ingutsheni; actually almost 90% of our Khumalo ward has patients with that problem,” Mawere said.