Ex-army captain fights to get job back

Source: Ex-army captain fights to get job back – The Southern Eye

The ex-army captain Solomon Ndlovu’s contract expired when he was serving jail time following his wrongful arrest and conviction.

A former army captain has appealed to the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) commander General Anselem Sanyatwe to intervene in his case where he is seeking reinstatement following his wrongful arrest.

The ex-army captain Solomon Ndlovu’s contract expired when he was serving jail time following his wrongful arrest and conviction.

Ndlovu was arrested in 2017 after a businessman and Zanu PF activist Osfael Mazibuko and his manager Denis Ndlovu accused him of stealing their Toyota Hilux vehicle.

He was convicted by then Beitbridge regional magistrate Mark Dzira in January 2018.

Dzira sentenced him to six years in jail, with two months suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

He appealed against both sentence and conviction at the High Court and was acquitted after serving one year and eight months at Khami Maximum Security Prison in Bulawayo.

Ndlovu told Sunday Southern Eye that his efforts to get the army to reinstate him position have been in vain.

“When I got acquitted I approached the army for reinstatement,” he said.

“It was communicated to me in 2021 through a radio signal that I had been reinstated.

“I was told to work from home in the AGS pool.

“But while at home my salary was stopped  without notice, no communication was made to me and since then I am not receiving any pay.”

Ndlovu said he had been referred from one office to the next without reinstatement since then.

“When I asked what I was supposed to do they advised me to go for vetting and  they said I must fill in the renewal of the contract papers.

“I filled the papers. While processing them, one colonel now in Botswana said I had delayed and he charged me.

“My money was frozen and up to now I am not getting paid.”

Ndlovu said he had no joy and accused ZNA authorities of making false promises to him.

“At some point they told me that I was overtaken by the run out date of contract renewal in which they said I had delayed renewing it,” he said.

“I had filled and left forms with the commander Harare district, who said I had delayed submitting them and it would be difficult for him to explain that to the commander.

“He told me I must instead fill retirement papers, which I am against because I have not yet reached retirement age.

“I asked why they can’t reinstate me, promote me according to the procedures and from there I can retire.”

Ndlovu appealed to Sanyatwe to intervene to ensure his reinstatement.

” I know him as a straightforward commander, that Is why I am asking him to assist. I am ready to retire only if proper procedures are followed,” he said.

The ZNA and Sanyatwe are yet to respond to his appeal.

Meanwhile, Ndlovu is suing Mazibuko for causing his arrest and imprisonment on false car theft charges.

He is demanding the sum of US$102 800 damages and loss of 78 head of cattle and tractors.

In his lawsuit, Ndlovu cited Mazibuko and his manager Denis as respondents.