Dube, Dlodlo tiff turns nasty

Dube, Dlodlo tiff turns nasty

Source: Dube, Dlodlo tiff turns nasty – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 14, 2018

The tiff between Zanu PF’s sitting Makokoba MP Tshinga Dube and his former personal assistant Nothiwani Dlodlo escalated last week, after the latter warned the politburo that the party risked losing the seat if the former War Veterans’ minister was allowed to stand in the upcoming general elections.


Dlodlo, who recently lost to Dube in the Zanu PF primary elections, said the polls were fraught with irregularities.

On Monday last week, Dlodlo and another contender in the primary elections, Peter Baka Nyoni, warned the politburo that Dube would stand no chance against an opposition candidate.

This was after the party dismissed their appeal for a re-run.

“He (Dube) only got 10% of the 2015 June by-election, a serious loss of confidence in him by the electorate. In 2015, he got 3 183 votes, in which registered party cell members were the only ones who took part in these elections,” Dlodlo said.

But Dube scoffed at Dlodlo and Nyoni’s claims, saying: “These guys are just desperate for a victory they will not get. Just imagine at Burombo, Dlodlo got only two votes, while I got over 300 votes; at Westgate, he got 20 votes and I got over 300 votes.

“Nyoni at Burombo got 74 votes, while at Westgate, he got 70 votes. If you look at these results, it’s clear that they are far from having been cheated, but it is because they have no support, as they are not known.”