EcoCash hails its customers as company celebrates customer service week 

Source: EcoCash hails its customers as company celebrates customer service week – NewsDay Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money platform, EcoCash, this week joined corporates and businesses around the world in celebrating Customer Service Week, saying it owed its success to the steadfast support of its customers.

“Over the past 10 years, EcoCash has seen phenomenal growth which would not have been possible without the steadfast support of our customers,” said Eddie Chibi, the chief executive of EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe Limited, formerly known as Cassava Holdings Zimbabwe Limited.

“While we look forward to this Customer Service Week every year as a time to celebrate and say a big thank you to our customers, the fact of the matter is that we are grateful to our customers everyday, for choosing us and for allowing us to walk this journey with them.”

This year’s Customer Service Week, running from Monday October 4 to Friday October 8, 2021, is under the theme The Power of Service.

The international event is celebrated annually during the first full week of October when customer-oriented organisations and institutions around the world recognise the importance of customer service excellence in their operations.

EcoCash operates a full-fledged customer service centre (accessible by dialling 114), along with convenient online support offered via its automated self-care platforms which are intended to improve customer experience.

These include a USSD portal, where customers can simply dial *150# to access EcoCash selfcare services such as PIN resets, transaction reversals and so much more, and a web-based selfcare portal, accessible on

EcoCash has, since its establishment in 2011, impacted millions of customers by driving financial inclusion and enabling 10 million customers to transfer money or pay for goods and services using their mobile

“I would say that part of the greatest honour we have had has been is to be able to offer convenience to millions of customers for them to be included into the formal financial services system, so that they are able to transact; to send and receive money from their family or loved ones anytime, to buy goods and services, pay their bills and do much more — securely — using their mobile phone,” Chibi said.

A 2014 FinScope study revealed that only 30% of the country’s adult population had access to banking services about 10 years ago, and banks and savings accounts were the preserve of only the wealthy, the highly educated and the middle-class.

However, EcoCash has changed all that.

Now more than 90% of the country’s adult population has access to banking, micro-insurance, savings, shopping and bill payment options, among other services.

“The impact that EcoCash has had on the Zimbabweans and the Zimbabwean economy has been significant. But this Customer Service Week we look back and acknowledge that it is a journey we would not have been able to travel, without the support of our customers.

“And so, on behalf of our management and staff, and the rest of our organisation, I want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to our customers, for the confidence they have placed in us, for their loyalty and for accepting our invitation to walk this journey together with them,” said Chibi, adding that he looked forward to an exciting future for the business and for its customers.