ED raises mine workers’ hopes

ED raises mine workers’ hopes

Source: ED raises mine workers’ hopes | The Herald June 27, 2018

ED raises mine workers’ hopesPresident Mnangagwa

Conrad Mupesa  Correspondent
The recent reopening of Eureka Gold Mine in Guruve through pro-business policies spearheaded by President Mnangagwa has brought hope to former Mhangura and Alaska Mine workers.

Mhangura Copper Mines and Alaska Mine, which also hosted the Lomagundi Smelting and Mining entity were closed at the turn of the millennium, after the fall in copper prices on the world market.

Eureka Gold Mine, which shut its doors more than 15 years ago, reopened recently after a capital injection of more than $60 million by Delta Gold.

Officiating at the official opening of Eureka Mine, President Mnangagwa said Government would continue to facilitate exploration and establishment of new mines, re-open closed ones and increase capacity utilisation.

President Mnangagwa’s sentiments have raised the hope among former mine workers in Mhangura.

“We always believed President Mnangagwa would bring change to the economy of this nation,” Mr Last Feremenga from Mhangura, said in an interview.

“I’m also confident that following the re-opening of Eureka Gold Mine, President Mnangagwa will also see to it that Mhangura Copper Mine is also revived.”

Mhangura and Alaska Mines are believed to have vast amounts of copper deposits.

“The mine did not close because it had run out of ore, but because of poor management,” Raison Banda, another former mine worker said.

“When the mine closed some huge deposits of ore waiting to be ferried from underneath were left behind and there are many levels that were supposed to have been reached to extract copper ore.”

The ex-workers, who promised to vote for President Mnangagwa on July 30 harmonised polls, said electing him would ensure that he finishes the journey he started in November last year, after Operation Restore Legacy.

“Now that Zimbabwe is open for business as evidenced by the opening of Eureka Mine, signing of various deals and re-engagement with various nations, we would, however, want to see the President fulfil the promises he has made,” said Mr Arufeyo Chihombe.

Mhangura Copper Mine employed more than 1 500 at its peak while Lomagundi Smelting and Mining employed more than half that amount at Alaska Mine.

Eureka Gold Mine is expected to produce at least 1,5 tonnes of gold annually when it reaches full production in the next 18 months.

It will employ at least 400 people.