ED will win elections: Vapostori 

Source: ED will win elections: Vapostori – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 24, 2018

THE Johanne Marange Apostolic Church yesterday “prophesied” a President Emmerson Mnangagwa victory in the forthcoming general elections.


Addressing thousands of party supporters at St Noah College in Mafararikwa in Marange, Mnangagwa said he has already been invited to officially open a state-of-the-art stadium in two years’ in his capacity as the winning candidate in the elections.

“You said I will come here (Marange) in two years to commission a stadium. If you see a church saying that, this means that the spirit has said in two years I will be around. I don’t know those who have not been prophesied (sic),’’ he said.

“I want to thank you for inviting me, but I am not a new person here. The stadium will be a first of its kind in a rural set-up. This thing has not been happening, but it’s being done with a spiritual person.’’

Mnangagwa attended a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the stadium.

He said that it was all over for Zanu PF members, who were defeated in the recent primary elections.

“We did our primary elections and some were not happy. This is democracy,’’ he said.

“To those who won; it’s not you, but the win is for Zanu PF and to those who lost, lets be united and campaign for the party.’’

Mnangagwa donated truckloads of rice and maize to feed workers constructing the stadium

He also donated 200 computers and $50 000 and offered to construct four boreholes for St Noah College.


  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 4 years ago

    Priorities in reverse mode.The country needs wheat urgently not a stadium.Who is likely to use it with an empty stomach?

  • comment-avatar
    clement mapanda 4 years ago

    This is only a wishful dream but not reflected on field. People say what they think the one leading the country would like to hear and make them feel good , like they did with Mugabe. Mnangagwa is part of Mugabe and has been on his side for more than 40 years,starting when they were freedom fighters. He would stand and say this is a new government but a government filled by former Mugabe men and women. I am not worried about the elections but what happens after the elections,if he wins. I hope we don’t go back to old Zanu ways of governing. We need a change that is reflective of progressive and transparent governing with absence of corruption and leaders working for the people,not own them.

  • comment-avatar
    clement mapanda 4 years ago

    My question to Zimbabweans who will read this is why ,all of a sudden you become important during elections and forgotten most of the time? You are given food during elections and after that it seems to me that you will have eaten until the next election and in between people are not hungry? I would like someone to pay attention to all my people and meet their needs,be it jobs,pay raise,infrastructure,freedom without intimidation and violence,respect of the law and all subcultures of Zimbabwe. Why not and why is it so difficult for those leading to realize that all Zimbabweans would like what they give to themselves?