Engineers ‘fleece’ local company of $50 000 

Source: Engineers ‘fleece’ local company of $50 000 – DailyNews Live

Tarisai Machakaire      23 August 2018

HARARE – Two engineers are facing theft of trust property charges after
reportedly fleecing a local company of $50 000 in a botched road
resurfacing deal.

Tutsirayi Jonga, 38, who is a director at Lotube Engineering (Private)
Limited and Talkmore Chikwinho, 34, an engineer at Zambuko appeared before
Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba to answer to the allegations.

They both denied the charge and will be back in court next Monday for
their judgment.

The complainant is Zambuko Properties (Private) Limited, represented by
Lloyd Paratambwa.

Prosecutor Idah Maromo alleged that Jonga and Chikwinho hatched a plan to
steal from Zambuko Properties.

The court heard that Chikwinho, who was employed by Zambuko, was tasked to
look for a supplier for resurfacing of roads at Waterfalls and Eyrecourt

It was alleged that Chikwinho then recommended Jonga as the best supplier
of Bitumen knowing fully that he was not.

Jonga then reportedly approached Saul Jemutara, a dealer in Bitumen, who
is a director at Prestige Empire (Private) Limited and engaged him to
supply the product.

The court heard that Jonga then produced an invoice to Zambuko in the name
Lotube Engineering, trading as Prestige (Pvt) Ltd.

Zambuko acted on the misrepresentation and transferred $159 500 into the
supplied account number which belonged to Prestige Empire.

Jonga then approached Jemutara soon after the transfer had been made and
instructed to deposit his share of $24 750 to his bank account and $25 000
into Chikwinho’s account.

The offence came to light after Zambuko made a follow-up on the supplier
and established that Jonga and Chikwinho had demanded cash amounting $49
750 which they converted to their own use and nothing was recovered.