Ex-Zipra fighter receives mysterious US$400 windfall 

Source: Ex-Zipra fighter receives mysterious US$400 windfall -Newsday Zimbabwe

A FORMER Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) liberation war veteran, who last week complained that a prominent insurance company had offered him ZiG200 and US$50 as a funeral cover payout has mysteriously received US$400 after Southern Eye published his ordeal.

Godfrey Mlalazi was offered the paltry payout for his mother-in-law’s funeral after paying United States-dollar contributions for 11 years.


Southern Eye contacted the insurance broker on Thursday last week after the war veteran informed the paper of his predicament after contributing US$20 per month to Progressive Insurance Brokers (PIB), which mostly caters for war veterans, since February 2013.

“This covers all the beneficiaries under me including my mother-in-law. We lost her on May 9 and buried her on May 13 after I initially failed to get assistance when I went to the offices here in Bulawayo,” Mlalazi said.

Mlalazi said he visited the PIB offices with officials, at one point, evading him before they offered the ZiG200 and US$50 as payout for funeral cover.

Mlalazi has, however, since confirmed that a deposit of US$400 had been made into his account, but was not sure who had deposited the money.



“There is money that has been deposited in my account, but I do not know if it’s coming from PIB. I made an inquiry at the bank on where the money was coming from, but they said someone deposited it.

“If they are the ones, they have changed figures now. They deposited US$400 and the bank said since it is not clear who deposited it, maybe it has been lost, so I must not withdraw it until it is clear who deposited it. If they are the ones (PIB) they might have felt the pressure from you,” Mlalazi said.

PIB representative based in Bulawayo Collet Maduma, however, confirmed that Mlalazi had been paid US$400.