Farmers will be compensated – Mnangagwa

Farmers will be compensated – Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe Defence Force military brass band marches foward November 23, 2017 during drills to prepare for the inauguration of incoming president Emerson Mnangagwa at the capital Harare’s national stadium. Photo: TONY KARUMBA / AFP

Zimbabwe’s new president said his task “will not be accomplished through speeches”.

I must hit the ground running.

We all need to summon and unleash towards taking our great country beyond where our immediate past president left it.

We cannot change the past, there is a lot we can do in the present and future to give our nation a positive direction.

We should never remain hostages of our past.”

He goes on to say that Zimbabwe’s land reform was inevitable and cannot be reversed as that would be a betrayal of the liberation struggle.

But the new president promises to compensate those farmers lost land in the controversial land policy of Robert Mugabe’s government.

This pledge gets a cheer from the crowd.


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    Jonsina 5 years ago

    Well said Mr President. Be of good courage we support your every word you have said. Crush corruption to powder and throw it into the Indian ocean. Now hopefully you choose suitably qualified persons for crucial posts including parastatals in terms of innovativeness, passion, honesty.Obert Mpofu must never be give a serious post same applies to lazy thieving and clueless comrades. Be bold, firm and fair. God be with you.

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    Mnangagwa the mass murderer who still discriminates against Zimbabweans based on the colour of their skin. EU to tell ZANU government to go hang. No investment and no money to Zimbabwe until free and fair elections are held.

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    spiralx 5 years ago

    Compensated – with what, exactly? Mugarbage’s stolen billions?

    Zimbabwe is broke, and getting broker!

    (And the crowd cheers him. God help us).

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      Kutama 5 years ago

      Land is a finite national resource. Using it as a prostitute to win votes appears to have created more problems than it has solved? I mean – the FTLRP was truly brilliant in that it resettled 300 000 families. The oversight was the fact that it disrupted about 4 000 businesses (farms) that employed about 300 000 people and their families! – it unsettled 1 800 000 people in the process. This was done by a man with six degrees including one in violence? In most parts of the world this would be termed redistribution – which was what happened when the Nazis looted items from the Jewish community in Germany? Handing untitled land over to untrained and undercapitized but politically motivated people is not a “bumper harvest” overnight? The political objective was achieved by Dear Robert and Dear Zanu – take the land and f… the consequences they all sang! Enter the Zimbabwe FTLRP – a world economic genius and now Mugabe Negotiator Gideon Gono – “ah” he says “we will make everybody rich and print money!” This was fantastic until inflation hit millions, billions and trillions in percentages! Then we needed another go at it – get a new Bond Note Jockey at the RBZ! The USA agriculture was built on Title and the banking system after the Civil War. Zimbabwe is now where the USA was after the Civil War – broke. The recent Zimbabwe Civil War was Zanu planned, Zanu executed, and lasted 17 years. The next phase of Zimbabwe may need to be rebuilt on property rights and a Banking System. The last 17 years has been built on Anarchy and literally a Bonking System with a First Shopper holding a degree in Extension Cord Violence. Skilled agriculturalists with all the essential support systems will be needed to build a first world and first class agricultural system (rebuild that is – it was all there before) – not some political revenge system.

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    The six degree man was a man educated way beyond his intelligence.