‘We want to re-engage with the world’

The president promises that Zimbabwe will service its debt obligations – a nod to the investors he hopes to attract.

He also promises to crack down on the smuggling of goods.

As he says that Zimbabwe is entering “the second phase of its birth” and “solidarity and partnership is the way forward”.

I stand here today to say we are willing and able for a steady reengagement with the nations of the world.

‘Job, job, job creation’

Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s new leader, says the country’s domestic politics had become poisoned and rancorous.

He says his goal is run an administration to reflect the diversity of Zimbabwe’s people.

His goes on to say that tackling high levels of unemployment needs to be tackled:

His phrase “job, job, job creation” draws a cheer from the crowd.

He says people must be able to have access to their earnings and savings – referring to the country’s chronic cash shortage.

Corruption must stop and “swift justice must be served”, he says to more cheers.

He warns the civil servants that it can’t be “business as usual” as there is an economy to recover.

People must report to work: