Ginimbi secrets revealed 

Source: Ginimbi secrets revealed | The Standard

The late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was naughty, cunning and a shrewd businessman who thrived on unconventional means to achieve what he wanted, his relatives and friends have revealed.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Ginimbi, who lived a colourful lifestyle, died after the Rolls Royce Wraith he was driving collided head-on with a Honda Fit last Sunday as he raced towards his Domboshava mansion following a night of fun at Dreams Nightlife Club, which he owned.

Multitudes, from all walks of life, gathered to pay their last respects to the late controversial businessman and socialite, who was buried at his Domboshava mansion yesterday.

Speaking at a gathering before his burial, Ginimbi’s cousin Wanisayi Mutandwa, popularly known as Mahwindo in showbiz circles, let out on how they both entered into smuggling in his formative years.

“I used to be into smuggling back then (early 2000s) and I used to smuggle Remington Gold cigarettes and when Genius came to live at my flat in Harare, he started working for me,” said Mahwindo.

“We would send him to the border, but he would spend the money and apologise. “He actually bought a car before me.”

It has been hard to track as well as ascertain how and when Ginimbi made his money with unconvincing explanations pointing at his company Piko Trading Group (a conglomerate of gas companies located in various Sadc countries) as the source of his massive wealth. He also owned Dreams Nightlife Club as well as being founder of the Genius Foundation.

However, revelations from friends and relatives yesterday proved that Ginimbi was cunning in the way he conducted his business. He basically earned the life he wanted by hook or by crook.

His sister, Juliet, said Genius grew up naughty, but hardworking.

“He had an anointing of business, I and him are separated by four years, but I saw him grow up since he was a toddler and he would do gardening on his own, so I wanted you to know he had an anointing of hard work,” she said.

“He didnt wake up rich, he started small and from humble beginnings where he would come to ask for money from me and would sometimes not repay me, but he had a good heart.”

She added that her brother was “a party animal, who loved fun and no matter how his budget was, he would make sure he had fun and he had fun until he died”.

Two years ago South Africa-based business tycoon Mutumwa Mawere threatened to take legal action over Ginimbi’s alleged refusal to repay a R340 000 debt.

Ginimbi refuted the claims.

Kadungure at some point was arrested on allegations of defrauding Zanu PF MP for Chegutu West Dexter Nduna representing Badon Enterprises and a Kadoma-based miner only identified as Gatawa of R1 581 890.

On numerous occasions, Ginimbi had problems with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority over unpaid taxes.

Meanwhile, inside a Versace coffin with a Medusa print, the 36-year-old socialite was laid to rest after close to a week of mourning.

Celebrities, businesspeople and artistes he associated with at his prime attended the funeral that was buzzing with activity to the extent that it could have been mistaken for one of his million-dollar bashes.

At the time of his tragic death, Ginimbi was famous for living a life many could only dream of.

From his expensive taste in material accumulation to attracting multitudes at his famed all-white parties, the Domboshava-born and raised man had defied odds by hook or by crook.

The ostentatiously rich 36-year-old’s death saw the past week being inundated with countless condolence messages, conflicting obituaries and conspiracy theories about his death as well as source of wealth.

But, the only consensus among all sections of society is that the free-spirited character was influential in many ways.

However, all his businesses have not publicly issued eulogies for their boss in what has raised questions over their legitimacy with speculation pointing at juju, drugs and smuggling as the sources of his money.

Easy-going as he was, Ginimbi never shied away from controversy and what had become a glorified life in the fast lane ended tragically under the same circumstances.

Details about what will happen to his vast wealth, including super cars, designer clothes and other belongings, are still sketchy although rumours point at his mansion being turned into a hotel or museum.


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    Fallenz 3 years ago

    “At the time of his tragic death, Ginimbi was famous for living a life many could only dream of.”

    That dream of living the high-life can cause you to wake up in hell… permanently.  Ever wonder what Mugabe would say if he could return for just 3 minutes..?  Think about it………….

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 3 years ago

    Tax return – simple – did Genius ever complete a tax return comrades ? If no then he was part of the ZANUPF mafia machine that runs ZW very corruptly – trade in gold,fuel,cigarettes, minerals and currants aka currency. With ZW having a rigged exchange rate( for the last 60 years) these type of robin hood traders will proliferate.
    Strange how nobody seems to want to understand this.Especially the chefs who run the RBOZ – who of course must be in on the shenanigans. Chokwadi.