Gold blaster ploughs back to community 

Source: Gold blaster ploughs back to community – The Standard


A-40-year-old Penhalonga gold blaster Nyasha Makoni has become the shining beacon in her society after she undertook projects that are aimed at empowering the local community.

Makoni, a mother four, has defied odds as she has become one of the few woman in the country to become a gold blaster, a job which is associated with men

Makoni hails from ward 21 Penhalonga in Mutasa South Constituency. The area is associated with gold mining.

Last week Makoni donated food hampers to over 20 elderly people in the ward.

“I am now a blaster and this is a tough job mainly meant for men because it is energy sapping. l am always down deep the mine and it’s hard but l am now used to it,” she said.

“I think l am the only woman blaster in Penhalonga but l am now earning a living through the job.”

Makoni said the donation of food hampers to the elderly was an ongoing process.

“We are showing appreciation to our elderly by donating food hampers to them. We have 20 elderly people who have benefited from the food hampers,” Makoni said

“I don’t have much money but this is just an appreciation to the elderly.

Makoni made the donations last Friday just soon after leading the local community in a clean up campaign a day reserved by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to clean up the our citities, towns and other local community.

“Every Friday I lead my local community in clean up campaigns in support of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and we have been doing this for several weeks,” she said

Makoni has gone on to inspire the local community by providing refreshments after the clean up campaigns.

“Some people will be busy in their homes but l say let’s embrace the President’s vision by following his clean up campaigns every Friday’s , so l provide some refreshments after the clean up campaigns,” she said

“In the next clean up campaign l am going to donate food hampers to another set of the elderly, l have already compiled the list.”

Makoni has started poultry projects among others to empower local women.

“Very soon l will start a bakery project and these are aimed at empowering local women. Women need also to be empowered so that we reduce gender based violence,” added Makoni.

In Penhalonga, illegal gold mining is on the increase and this has forced a number of school children to drop out of school and early child marriages.