Government to pay 53 percent of schools exam fees

Source: Government to pay 53 percent of schools exam fees | The Herald

Government to pay 53 percent of schools exam feesMinister Mathema

Yeukai Tazira Herald Reporter
Government will pay 53 percent of June and November examination fees for all candidates in public schools following an outcry over increases by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec).

Parents will have to pay 47 percent.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Cain Mathema yesterday said the Government had since released $150 million towards exam preparations.

Government’s intervention, the minister said, would benefit candidates at Government, local authorities and mission schools.

Those in private schools and colleges will pay the full amount.

“Government is releasing $150 million to Zimsec with immediate effect to get the preparations for the 2020 June and November examinations going and will avail the balance to Zimsec once the total candidature from the public schools for the June and November examinations is ascertained,” said Minister Mathema.

“I would now like to advise all parents and guardians of schoolchildren in Grade 7, Ordinary and Advanced levels that in 2020, Government will be contributing 53 percent of the examination fees for candidates in public schools, while parents and guardians will take up 47 percent.”

Grade 7 candidates at public schools will pay $125, while the Government will pay $139 to take the total to $264 per subject. For candidates sitting O-Level examinations, Government will pay $100 per subject while the candidate pays $90. Candidates sitting for A-Level examinations will pay $165 per subject while Government comes in with $186 to take the total to $351 per subject.

Candidates from private schools and colleges will meet the full cost of the examination fees.

“Candidates at private schools and colleges, including candidates who are resitting examinations will pay the total examination fees and those currently at public schools who get Government support for a subject for the June examination will pay the full fees for the same subject

if they enter for it again for the November examination,” he said.

The new deadlines for the payment of examination fees are March 30, 2020 for the June examinations and April 9, 2020 for the November examinations.

Said Minister Mathema: “As we prepare our learners for life and work, I would like to exhort all those who have a contribution to the success of our children so that they are sufficiently equipped to make a telling contribution to the sustainable development of our country. Getting it right at primary and secondary level will give the nation the confidence we are building from a solid foundation.”


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    Mapingu 1 year ago

    Why not for everyone else except the children of the elite – why public Schools? Parents of those children in private schools are also taxpayers n are struggling to send their children to those schools. Mind you, there are many private schools now that are non-elitist, but just ordinary schools and many parents actually send their children to those schools becoz they don’t even afford boarding fees in so-called public schools. In any case so-called public schools have no capacity to absorbed all learners who may want to learn in those public schools. So, why this segregation? A logical segregation must be based on the nature/type of schools not just private or public. There are elitist public schools and elitist private school too. Thus, it is learners at such schools who may not deserve the subside or whatever gvt calls it.