Govt avails $1,5m for science teachers training

Source: Govt avails $1,5m for science teachers training | The Sunday Mail May 5, 2019

Govt avails $1,5m for science teachers training

Tanyaradzwa Rusike

At least $1,5 million has been mobilised by Government towards training of science teachers and promotion of science education, which is regarded as a key pillar for industrialisation and development.

Zimbabwe has set a developmental path for the next decade, targeting an upper middle income economy status by 2030, when average income per capita is anticipated to be around US$3 500.

Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Amon Murwira said Government was aiming to train at least 5 000 science teachers in the next four years. He said most of the teachers would be deployed in rural schools where science education has been lagging behind as evidenced by the low pass rates.

“About $500 000 was allocated from the Manpower Development Fund and there is also an additional $1 million from treasury to enhance the science teacher training programme,” said Prof Murwira.

“The programme is progressing well because we are aiming to train 5 000 by 2023.

“We are now enrolling the second batch of students after we started with 330 last year at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic, Mkoba and Masvingo teacher’s college.

“This means in two years, we will have 660 students who are on their way to graduate at science teachers’ colleges.”

“For Zimbabwe to industrialise, it needs both arts and science, but the sciences were lagging behind that is why we have come up with this programme.”

Prof Murwira added that the skilled teachers would be effective in tutoring students on science technology, engineering and mathematics subjects.

Countries such as Brazil, Singapore, India and Malaysia attribute their technological advancements and development to investment in science education.

Zimbabwe’s learning institutions have been criticised for churning out students and graduates who lack practical stills.