Govt calls on youths to be responsible, industrious

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

Govt calls on youths to be responsible, industrious 
Minister Machakaire

Victor Maphosa-Mashonaland East Bureau

Youths as the future of the nation must protect and preserve Zimbabwe’s rich legacy through acting in its best interest, hence “Nyika Inovakwa igotongwa, Igonamatirwa nevene vayo”, Youth Empowerment, Development and Vocational Training Minister Tinoda Machakaire said last week.

Minister Machakaire was speaking during the launch of the Youth Service Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Youth Empowerment Forum at Nhakiwa Vocational Training Centre in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe district, Mashonaland East on Friday.

The colourful event was presided over by President Mnangagwa and was attended by youths from across Zimbabwe.

“Through your guidance, we have introduced the Youth Service in Zimbabwe and today the nation will witness you, Your Excellency, launching this programme. The Youth Service in Zimbabwe will be one of the Ministry’s key programmes expected to nurture patriotic, hardworking, honest and well-disciplined youth. 

“The ministry seeks to strengthen these programmes and enhance vocational training centres to be the hubs through which communities will grow and be resilient to social and economic threats such as the current drug and substance abuse epidemic. 

“Our main thrust as a ministry is to develop a young generation that is responsible and industrious. The youth are the future of the nation and it is important for them to protect and preserve our nation’s rich legacy through acting in its best interest, hence ‘Nyika Inovakwa igotongwa, Igonamatirwa nevene vayo’. ‘Vene vayo tisu’ as we are ably led trooping into 2030 by you, Your Excellency,” Minister Machakaire said.

The Government was implementing several measures beneficial to youths and the youth were grateful to President Mnangagwa for the empowerment initiatives.

“This Youth Empowerment Forum aims to provide a platform through which young people can identify and unlock opportunities in the economy through networking to unlock the potential of youth to be able to effectively participate in the economy. Above all the forum will raise awareness, commitment and investment in youth development initiatives, programmes and projects. 

“Your Excellency, the mere interaction with you empowers our youth and assures them of your commitment to their development and welfare. 

“The youth constituency remains forever grateful to you, Your Excellency for championing viable and tangible youth development and empowerment initiatives that are aimed at enabling our nation to attain an upper middle-income societal economy by 2030. Indeed, under your astute leadership our nation is in safe hands and Vision 2030 is surely certain. 

“The Youth Empowerment Bank commissioned in 2018 and being administered under the Ministry of Youth remains a vital cog as a quick win in youth empowerment. The launch of the bank renewed lost hope among the youth on empowerment issues as it facilitates flexible loaning terms and conditions accompanying the accessibility of the funds. Thank you for this initiative, Your Excellency. 

“In the spirit of devolution and taking a cue from the ‘leaving no one and no place behind’ mantra, Your Excellency, we, however, plead with you for the meaningful capacitation of the bank so that affordable loans accompanied by flexible repayment terms and conditions are accessible to every youth from every corner of our country.”

The Ministry of Youth through the bank, as its chief guarantor, planned on the facilitation of youth going into joint ventures with partners in all sectors of the economy particularly the agriculture, mining and tourism sectors. 

“We aim to make use of these joint ventures as strategic platforms for harnessing funding from well-resourced partners and also skills transfer along the value chain. 

“Your Excellency, the Youth Empowerment Forum running under the theme, ‘Empower the Youth, Secure the Future’ is your brainchild following the National Youth Day celebrations held in Masvingo at Mushagashe Vocational Training Centre at which occasion you engaged with the youth and left important development in and around the Centre. 

“Being the listening President that you are, you saw it fit that engagement with youth must not be restricted to the National Youth Day, but must be on-going and all-inclusive leaving no one and no place behind. 

“Gathered here are youth from all corners of Mashonaland East Province. They are here to speak to you, listen to your wise counsel and receive the unique empowerment packages and development you have brought to Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe,” said Minister Machakaire.