Govt orders readvertisement of Kwekwe Town Clerk post 

Source: Govt orders readvertisement of Kwekwe Town Clerk post | The Sunday News

Govt orders readvertisement of Kwekwe Town Clerk post
Kwekwe City Council

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent
THE Government through the Local Government Board, has rescinded the appointment of Kwekwe City Council Acting Town Clerk, Dr Lucia Mnkandla into the substantive position and ordered that the post be re-advertised.

Last year, Kwekwe City councillors passed a resolution to appoint Dr Mnkandla as substantive Town Clerk following interviews that were conducted in 2019.

Dr Mnkandla has been acting since 2017 after the retirement of Mr Emmanuel Musara.

However, in a letter dated 4 June, Local Government Board chairperson Mr Stephen Chakaipa noted that there were some irregularities in the submission.

“The board notes that your minute to the Honourable Minister of Local Government and Public Works, was referred to the Local Board. In the minute, it is indicated that your council resolved to confirm Dr L Mnkandla as substantive Town Clerk of Kwekwe City, which is not in line with the Urban Councils Act,” read part of the letter.

Section 132(2) of the Urban Councils Act states that the municipal council concerned shall recommend to the Local Government Board the names of suitable candidates for appointment to the post of Town Clerk, yet the councillors chose and recommended Dr Mnkandla.

The local authority had also shortlisted Law Society of Zimbabwe president who is former Kwekwe Chamber Secretary, Mr Edward Mapara, Chitungwiza Director of Housing Mrs Hazel Sithole and Gweru Assistant Finance Director Mr Michael Verenga who were also interviewed for the job.

The board also noted that the council flouted some procedures upon conducting the interviews.

“Some shortlisted candidates did not submit the relevant qualifications together with their application letters but were shortlisted. Some of the shortlisted candidates responded beyond your due date on the advertisement and you proceeded to consider them for interviews,” noted the board.

According to the board, the council did not follow proper guidelines in the Ministry’s Recruitment and Selection Functions within the Local Authorities.

The September 2017 Recruitment and Selection Functions within Urban Councils reads; “…the interview for the Town Clerk should be carried out by a panel of professionals with the Chairperson of the Committee responsible for Human Resources matter as a member.”

Councillors are believed to have conducted the interviews.

“In view of the above observations, the Board resolved that your council re-advertise the post of Town Clerk and follow all recruitment and selection procedures before submitting the council’s recommendations to the board,” further wrote Mr Chakaipa.