Govt resumes Seke Road reconstruction

Source: Govt resumes Seke Road reconstruction | The Herald

Govt resumes Seke Road reconstruction
Road works along Seke Road at the Chinhamo area – Picture: Justin Mutenda

Senior Reporter
Government has commenced the reconstruction and repairing of the remainder of the Seke Road under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme Phase 2 (ERRP2) to provide efficiency for road users up to St Marys area.
Most of the road has now been reconstructed.

On its Twitter handle, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development said reconstruction has commenced around the Chinhamo area, Manyame Bridge approaches, Zororo and Chikwanha junctions. These portions are in bad shape.

“Rehabilitation works on Seke road: Chinhamo, Manyame Bridge, Zororo Turn off and St Mary’s turn off has commenced. The contractor is Bitumen World,” said the ministry in a statement.

The road reconstruction started last year at Waverley Blankets to Maruta Shopping Centre in Hatfield.

Road construction falls under the infrastructure clusters and roads are regarded as key economic enablers in the attainment of Vision 2030.

Seke Road, which stretches from Harare Central to Chitungwiza, is the nerve centre of traffic. It has been in bad shape for some time, especially the stretch from Coke Corner towards Chitungwiza, which had become a death trap for both motorists and commuters.

Motorists applauded Government for spearheading the rehabilitation of Seke Road, with some making calls for the project to be stretched to Chitungwiza.

The New Dispensation, under the leadership of President Mnangagwa, is committed to infrastructure development and creating employment for the locals.

The Government has so far spent over $1 billion on road rehabilitation, gravelling and drainage structuring as part of the Second Republic’s ERRP2 launched by President Mnangagwa.

The Second Republic believes that modernising national transport infrastructure will spur economic growth and development.

Over 2 000km of roads have been re-gravelled, while 6 627,9km have been graded with 701 drainage structures constructed or repaired and 184 wash-aways reclaimed.

Across the country, 4 491,5km of drains have been opened while 6 141,2km of verges have been cleared with progress continuing to be made on the patching of potholes with a cumulative of 4 794,8km having been attended to.