Low uptake of long-term contraceptives irks ZNFP

Source: Low uptake of long-term contraceptives irks ZNFP | The Herald

Low uptake of long-term contraceptives irks ZNFP
Mr Dongo

Conrad Mupesa Mashonaland West Bureau
THE ZIMBABWE National Family Planning Council (ZNFP) in Mashonaland West has raised concern over the low uptake of long-term acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) amid revelations of increased death rates as a result of backyard abortions.

LARCs include Jadelle and coil or intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) whose effectiveness spun from five to 12 years.

ZNFP reports that most abortions that end up being fatal are conducted by school-going and adolescent girls.

Speaking to journalists and editors during a media orientation workshop on family planning, ZNFPC provincial spokesman, Mr Ansetus Dongo said the provincial population is made up of 41 percent of those below the age of 15 who are sexually active.

At least 75 percent of the province’s population is in rural areas.

It comes second from Mashonaland Central as provinces with high teenage pregnancy prevalence rate.

“The media should be a key player in advocating for contraceptives and family planning services to save lives as youths and adolescents are failing to access contraceptives due to a number of reasons.

“We are pushing for uninterrupted supply of services and commodities at all our centres,” said Mr Dongo.