Govt seeks UNCTAD help on digital economy

Source: Govt seeks UNCTAD help on digital economy – The Southern Eye

GOVERNMENT has requested the support of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to conduct an eTrade Readiness Assessment meant to improve and enhance the digital economy and set up internet infrastructure across the country.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting held in Bulawayo on Friday, Ministry of Industry and Commerce chief director, Douglas Runyowa, said the assessment will identify opportunities, barriers and policy solutions to drive e-commerce development along seven key e-commerce policy areas.

“As a ministry, we are appealing for the support of the UNCTAD to conduct an eTrade readiness assessment aimed at identifying opportunities and solutions to drive ecommerce development,” Runyowa said.

“The key areas include e-commerce assessment and policy formulation, information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and services, payment solutions, trade facilitation and logistics, legal, regulatory framework, digital skills development and access to finance.”

Runyowa said Zimbabwe’s eTrade readiness assessment will be based on a review of strategic documents, available statistics, surveys and developed through a participatory, multi stakeholder process involving policymakers and regulators, private sector, civil society and development partners.


“The eTrade Readiness Assessment also provides policy recommendations aimed at generating more inclusive and sustainable development outcomes in support of Zimbabwe’s Vision 2030, as well as complement efforts undertaken by Zimbabwe in the context of regional cooperation and international fora,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Paul Damasane, said there is a need for various stakeholders to come together in bringing solutions that will benefit a Zimbabwe ecommerce and digital economy that has steadily gained steam globally.

“E-commerce is an inheritable phenomenon that is currently unfolding faster than ever. The Government of Zimbabwe has intensified the drive to aid a digital economy through improved access to ICTs,” he said.