Govt turns Mahusekwa Hospital into COVID-19 treatment centre

Source: Govt turns Mahusekwa Hospital into COVID-19 treatment centre – NewsDay Zimbabwe


GOVERNMENT has turned the state-of-the-art Mahusekwa Hospital into a COVID-19 treatment centre as the number of positive cases continue to soar in Mashonaland East province.

The move came after Marondera Provincial Hospital has been overwhelmed by the rising number of COVID-19 patients, prompting authorities to find an alternative facility in a bid to decongest the province’s biggest medical institution.

The patients suffering from other ailments will now be directed to Madamombe Rural Health Centre in Mahusekwa as well as Marondera Provincial Hospital.
Provincial development co-ordinator Tavabarira Kutamahufa confirmed the move, saying they had to react in such a manner following the heavy burden placed on the provincial hospital.

“As a province, at the end of the day, they may end up dedicating the hospital to COVID-19 treatment.

“All other patients will now be treated at Madamombe Rural Health Centre and Marondera Provincial Hospital,” he said.

“The provincial hospital is laden with COVID-19 patients, it is still a strategy, there is this very high burden, we have to react in that manner to be able to effectively use the available resources, that is the institutions.”

According to government statistics, the Chinese-built Mahusekwa Hospital currently has two COVID-19 patients.

Marondera district has the highest number of active cases at 421 as of Tuesday, with 20 deaths. More than 30 people have died across the province.

Meanwhile, there is a COVID-19 outbreak at Ridigita Prison outside Marondera, where about 10 inmates and two prison officials have tested positive to the virus.

“A total of 700 cases have recovered from the disease, which takes our recovery rate to 48%. Ten inmates and two prison officers tested COVID-19 positive today from Ridigita Prison in Marondera District.

“Schools contributed 10% of all provincial cases after 149 cases were reported from boarding schools. Eleven health workers tested COVID-19 positive today and

274 healthcare workers in the province have now been infected, contributing 19% to the total number of cases,” a statement from the provincial medical director’s office read.