Grace Mugabe’s ex-Hubby Takes A Dig At “Greedy War Vets”

The country will only move forward in 30 to 40 years’ time when all War Veterans have been wiped out by natural death, says Grace Mugabe’s ex-husband Stanley Goreraza. “Only when nature has deleted this entitled and parasitic group, will we stop hearing about the liberation war and the right to rule by those who fought in it. Then can Zimbabwe have a real chance and shot at prosperity and economic transformation,” he said.

“War Veterans are very much the people who have looted and ruined Zimbabwe and the lives of her people. Mr Mugabe is a War Veteran right? So is Obert Mpofu and others who have been running this country. Since 1980 to this day it is War Veterans who have been in charge as the country has  descended downhill for decades. In the nineties it was them who were responsible for the sudden crash of the Zimbabwean dollar after demanding to be paid for their participation in the liberation war.

“Until we are free of War Veterans we will never know peace, we will never have freedom because they are always demanding something from us. If it’ not 20% of the land, it’s school fees. If it’s not this it’s that. They always have their hands out for something.

“They have put it on record that they will never ever allow anyone who did not go to war to lead Zimbabwe. It’s like they fought to rule and not for freedom.  It’s almost 40 years after the war and they are still making demands. They don’t intend on handing over to the next generation, no. So we will have to wait for God to press the delete button on them to be free of their nagging and constant irritation. Personally I thank fallen War Veterans, who died during the war for their  sacrifice which was almost in vain because of their living Comrades who became the new oppressors. – Source:



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    Gukuruhundi 6 years ago

    Perence Shiri is a real war hero after his heroic deeds in Matabeleland. He will be the perfect person to help the people he murdered in Matabeleland. This is a political genius at work. The new President is a genius.

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    How right you are!!!!!

    How much money has Orbet Mpofu externalised?

    He has half finished buildings around Bulawayo.

    He stole the money from his Bank.

    Does he still own a property on Mauritius?

    He planned to open a brothel in Gwanda,does he know about current

    incurable stds?

    Where is the Toll Gate money?

    What are his financial interests at Victoria Falls?

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    Kutama 6 years ago

    There will never be shortage of War Vets in Zanu – you can find 18 year old War Vets just as you can find Gukuruhundi War Vets, and now we can have Mugabe Coup War Vets, Emmerson War Vets, and they can innovate new campaigns for New War Vets. All these War Vets will need to be compensated for their heroism. The Fifth Brigade need to given hero status for bayoneting pregnant women in the Gukuruhundi like the ZANLA were for murdering a six week old baby in Chimanimani. The Crocodile Gang are heroes for murdering Piet Oberholzer with a knife in front of his wife and children some 53 years ago?There will never be a shortage of heroes?

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      Fallenz 6 years ago

      @Kutama, you are absolutely correct. There will always be those who want themselves to be preceived as “war vets” of one flavor or the other, just so they can justify their feeling of perpetual entitlement. It’s the mentality of those who have nothing else to show for their lives. Sad bunch, actually.

      Add to your list the War Vets of the 2008 election who chased away opposition voters from the polls. Proud bunch they are the way they so expertly wielded their clubs against innocent, unarmed people who dared exercise their constitutional right to vote against ZANU-PF.. Add them as candidates for Heroes Acre where the rest of the thugs are buried… makes it easy for Satan to collect his followers when they’re all in one pile.

      Folks, it has never been about freedom… it’s been about nothing more than luxury and power for the few, paid for by all the rest. That’s a fact.

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    lenard 6 years ago

    yes but no.this new government should make sure it creates job opportunities. it should start by importing forensic auditors (our own in diaspora) who will expose all office bearers in government who indulged in corruption in all ministries. once the public witnesses a handful of school heads, police officers, nurses, bank managers, agritex officers, rural and urban council workers etc leaving their jobs due to corruption and fraud, the public will have confidence in this government . there is untold corruption in all ministries from highest level officers down to the least junior clerks. vanhu varikudyirwa mari dzavo muzvikoro, muzvipatara mumaunions nekwese kwese nenzira dzinosiririsa! expose them and force them out of work and then recruit new officers. after that the government could then start compensating all victims of any mulpracrice which maybe necessary

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      Fallenz 6 years ago

      There are a myriad of things they “should do”… all the same things Mugabe “should’a, could’a, would’a done”, but didn’t… all the things every government is responsible for in its SERVICE to the people. But, just as when Mugabe was at the wheel, it ain’t gonna happen as long as the chief corruptor is also the dictator. Do you think Mnangagwa and the generals are gonna give back their stolen wealth? Do you seriously expect that? Do you think they pulled off this coup for the sake of liberty, freedom, and democracy? Only a simpleton would believe that.

      What has to happen is for the people to continuely voice their concerns about demanding integrity at the highest levels of office… never let those at the top think they have gotten away with crime… never let them think the people are too stupid or naive to see what’s happening, or too apathetic or lazy to care, or too powerless or docile to act. Those are the things that keep free people free. Freedom is never handed to us, and once obtained there’s always a continuous effort in order to sustain it. Winning and maintaining freedom does not happen by accident or sans struggle and vigilance.

      The phrase “freedom is not free” has lots of applications… one of which is “get your head out of the sand and face reality”… Mnangagwa is NOT Zimbabwe’s savior. (But, neither was Grace!)