Gumbo appoints NRZ, TSCZ board members

Gumbo appoints NRZ, TSCZ board members

Source: Gumbo appoints NRZ, TSCZ board members | The Herald October 27, 2017

Dr Gumbo

Dr Gumbo

Nyemudzai Kakore and Ropafadzo Ndangariro
CABINET has directed ministers and their deputies to strengthen their supervisory role in parastatals and State enterprises by making sure that no contracts are signed without their approval to enhance efficiency, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo has said. Addressing a Press conference while appointing board members for the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TCSZ), Dr Gumbo said parastatal boards needed to provide an annual schedule of board meetings, agenda for each board meeting before the board sits and minutes of board meetings as soon as they are approved by the full board.

This, he said, will help in developing concrete and practical business strategies that are key in revitalising parastatals. Mr Albert Mugabe, who previously chaired the Zinara board, has been appointed TSCZ board chair, while Mr Larry Mavhima was retained as the NRZ board chairperson.

“The boards should take note that the Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22:19) grants supervisory powers to ministries over parastatals and State enterprises,” said Dr Gumbo

“We accept that the economy has not been performing to desirable levels. Capacity utilisation by industry is low. It is the mandate of the board to enable the NRZ to win back that business, which has been lost to the roads sector.” Dr Gumbo said he expected the NRZ board to expedite and finalise negotiations of the $400 million deal with a consortium led by the Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group (DIDG) and South Africa’s Transnet. The deal, he said, will revive NRZ’s passenger and freight business.

Turning to the TSCZ board, Dr Gumbo said it was one of the performing agencies under his ministry. He implored the new board to carry on with the national project of fencing the highways, as well as establishing the Road Accident Victims Compensation Fund. Other members for the NRZ board are General William Dube (vice chairperson), Mr Joseph Mashika, Mrs Nomatemba Ndlovu, Ms Angeline Karonga, Mr Eleshkuamar Patel, Mr Kennias Mafukidze and Engineer Lewis Mukwada.

Board members for TSCZ are Dr Gift Machengete, Mr Leslie Ncube, Mr Allowance Sango, Mr Ngonidzashe Katsvairo, Ms Angeline Matopodzi, Senior Assistant Commissioner Felie Mjanga, Mrs Thobekile Mpofu, Mr Kingstone Gongera, Mrs Jostina Matanhire and Mr Obio Chinyere, who is the ex-officio board member.


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