Gutu tells Ncube to mind his own business 

Source: Gutu tells Ncube to mind his own business – DailyNews Live

Fungi Kwaramba      22 January 2018

HARARE – Top officials in the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai have told
spokesperson of the MDC Alliance Welshman Ncube to go to hell and stop
interfering in matters concerning the troubled opposition party.

This comes as there is a growing rift between those opposed to the MDC
Alliance (a coalition of seven political parties) and a section that is in
favour of the coalition.

The wrangling has been worsened by Tsvangirai’s ill-health and the
subsequent bitter fight to succeed him.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu, who has muddied the waters in Harare Province
after declaring his interest to be the main opposition candidate in Harare
East constituency in disregard of the MDC Alliance pact which reserves the
seat for the People Democratic Party (PDP) – told the Daily News that
Ncube should shut up or march to hell.

“He should learn to mind his own business. Last time I checked he was not
in the MDC. Ncube is not a member of the MDC-T. He should mind the affairs
of his little party and leave us alone. The MDC Alliance is not a
political party. Ncube has got absolutely no locus standi to instruct the
MDC-T what to do with its members. He should simply shut up,” said Gutu.

He added, “As for the seats, the issue is not cast in stone. I am a member
of the MDC standing committee and as things stand, we still can deliberate
on such issues and decide the way forward,” said Gutu.

Last week Ncube told the Daily News that any official who disregards the
MDC Alliance pact should be censured by his or her party.

“The position is that each alliance partner that was given a seat is now
allowed to proceed; Harare east was reserved for PDP. Through the
negotiating proceedings, the parties agreed that they will not contest
each other. And if anyone from an alliance partner disregards that then
they will be acting in bad faith and it will mean that whichever party
that person comes from will have to take disciplinary action against that
person,” said Ncube.