Harare pays Mushore $113 000 in damages 

Source: Harare pays Mushore $113 000 in damages | The Herald August 15, 2019

Harare pays Mushore $113 000 in damagesMr Mushore

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Correspondent
HARARE City Council has finally paid about $113 00 to former town clerk Mr James Mushore, whose appointment they bungled in 2016.

The city, which was allegedly reluctant to pay its former boss, finally resolved to pay $112 638, 10 to bring the matter to closure.

Mr Mushore won his case against Harare City Council after a labour officer ruled that his contract of employment was unlawfully terminated.

According to the recent minutes of the Human Resources and General Purposes Committee, the councillors considered a confidential report tabled on May 31, recommending that council notes the ruling by the labour officer in the matter between Mr Mushore and the city.

“The council notes the ruling by the labour officer quantifying damages for the alleged unlawful termination of the contract of employment for Mr James Mushore.

“That council notes the legal opinion provided in the matter referred to in recommendation by council’s external lawyers.

“That council pays damages amounting to RTGS $112 638, 10 to Mr Mushore as per the ruling by the labour officer and as recommended in the legal opinion,” read the minutes.

Mr Mushore signed a two-year contract with Harare City Council on April 1, 2016 before being sent on forced leave a week later after Government rescinded the appointment.

Government argued his appointment was unprocedural and violated the Urban Councils Act.

According to the law in question, council was supposed to submit the names of three candidates to the Local Government Board for approval.

Harare allegedly failed to be decisive on the matter and only formally terminated Mr Mushore’s contract last year.

The labour officer ruled that Mr Mushore’s contract of employment had been unlawfully terminated and ordered council to reinstate him or pay him damages.


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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    ha ha very funny – case started out at 113 000 USD and now he gets RTGS – ZW shenanigans once again – but then this is small beans to US Dollar billionaire James Mushore

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    GoRobin 3 years ago

    Well done James. It’s a pity though that it is now RTGS dollars and not USD which it should be.