‘Harare should ring fence water account’ 

Source: ‘Harare should ring fence water account’ – DailyNews Live

Helen Kadirire      5 September 2018

HARARE – Harare City Council (HCC) should ring-fence their water account
so that no money is siphoned out for activities that are not related to
its mandate.

Community Water Alliance (CWA) national coordinator Hildaberta Rwambiwa
said HCC should ensure that water is delivered to everyone who pays for

Rwambiwa’s remarks come as CWA has set out a set of goals that it hopes
the new councillors at Town House will fulfil.

“Our expectations are also informed by the fact that we have the 2013
Constitution that requires full consummation.

“The people expect meaningful budget allocation to water by local
authorities. We are expecting at least 10 percent of the local
authorities’ budget to be allocated to water and sanitation. HCC should
also consider ring-fencing the water account,” Rwambiwa said.

She emphasised that by ring-fencing the water account there will no longer
be the use of financial resources generated from water for other purposes
other than water provision.

The CWA national coordinator said there should be accountability and
transparency in the management and administration of water funds and
tender processes to avoid corruption and tender-preneurship.

Rwambiwa also highlighted that land invasions and allowing developments on
wetlands should be looked into with urgency as this was one of the reasons
why Harare’s water was in its poor state.

“There must be an immediate stop to privatisation, commercialisation and
commodification of potable water meant for domestic use.

“Water is a right that everyone should enjoy.

“We expect councillors to issue a moratorium on arbitrary water
disconnections through a full council resolution like what Bulawayo City
Council did,” Rwambiwa said.

Prior to elections, residents associations launched a “Issue based Vote”
campaign where they educated the electorate on how voting for candidates
who would deliver services would benefit them.