Harare water’s quality to improve 

Source: Harare water’s quality to improve – DailyNews Live

Helen Kadirire      9 January 2019

HARARE – Harare’s water quality is set to improve as the lift that enables
engineers to get to turbines that draw water from Darwendale Dam has been

During a recent tour of Morton Jaffray (MJ) Water Treatment Works and Lake
Chivero, acting director of Harare Water Mabhena Moyo said the lift which
goes down a shaft of more than one kilometre would be commissioned soon.

The lift which has not been working for five years goes down a tunnel that
has a pipeline which links MJ with Darwendale Dam, where Harare City
Council (HCC) engineers draw water from the source which is more than 15
kilometres away.

“The lift was fixed and is now working. All that we are awaiting is for it
to be inspected and approved for use by National Social Security Authority
inspectors so that we can start working. Maybe in the next 10 days we will
be drawing water from Darwendale,” Moyo said.

He added that once engineers go down the shaft, they will look at some
equipment which had been lying idle for more than three years as they
needed repairs and maintenance.

Mabhena said the water from Darwendale Dam would be used to dilute the
concentrated water from Chivero which was now full of algae.

“If we have too much algae, the filters clog and the clarifiers quickly
fill up with dirt. To alleviate that problem we need to use clean and
treated water. When that water comes a lot of it will be lost to
backwashing as we try to clean the filters and pipes once the process
starts but that is to ensure that we pump out quality water to residents,”
he said.

Mabhena said at present there was no other way but to ration water as
there was not enough water in the lake for everyone.

“We know that there are suburbs like Mabvuku and Tafara which have not
been getting water but we assure you that some suburbs which have 24/7
supply of water will have some days when they will not have water so that
we distribute it as equitably as we can,” he said.

Harare which now has an 18-month reserve of water from Lake Chivero has a
demand of 1 200 mega litres against a supply capacity of 704 mega litres.