Hotel offers guests fuel 

Source: Hotel offers guests fuel – DailyNews Live

Nokuthaba Nkomo      6 January 2019

HARARE – While the festive season was bleak for most Zimbabweans who
failed to drive to various tourist destinations dotted across the country
owing to fuel shortages, there was a destination that had a cure for that.

For those visiting Bvuma’s Leopard Rock Hotel during this festive season,
the facility had come up with a temporary solution to ensure guests
without adequate fuel got to visit the resort.

Located in Vumba, 30 km away from Mutare, the hotel’s guest convenience,
comfort and security culture saw it offering fuel to its visitors booked
at the hotel.

Leopard Rock representative Aggripa Mazire told the Daily News on Sunday
that they purchased about 6 000 litres of fuel and were selling between 30
and 40 litres to each of their guests.

“We purchased 6 000 litres of blend and diesel which we provided to our
staying guests at pump price so as to assist with their journey back home.

“We offered 30-40 litres of fuel per vehicle for as long as we had
sufficient stock and enough for generators and our golf equipment. The
hotel is normally at over 80 percent capacity during last two weeks of
December,” Mazire said.

He said the hotel acquired the fuel under no privilege, hence sold it at
normal prices that are charged at other fuel stations around the country.

The hotel representative said if the shortages continued to persist
Leopard Rock would continue providing fuel for its visitors.

“We had no dispensation for acquiring the fuel and we sold it at the price
we acquired it. We will continue to offer fuel as long as we can legally
acquire it at the pump price,” he said.

During the time when police roadblocks were rife on the country’s roads,
the hotel used to reimburse their guests any traffic fines which they
could have picked on their way to the facility.

Mazire said the hotel is inspired by a culture of guest convenience,
comfort and hospitality among other things.