House of Lords question: Philip Machemedze

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Question Asked by Lord Maginnis of Drumglass  
to ask Her Majesty’s Government , further to the Written Answers by Lord Wallace of Tankerness on 21 June 2011 (WA 290), Lord Howell of Guildford on 22 June 2011 (WA 316), Baroness Browning on 14 July 2011 (WA 213-4), and Lord Henley on 19 March 2012 (WA 145), what is the residential status of Zimbabwean Central Intelligence Organisation operative Philip Machemedze, who has admitted kidnapping and torture, and is now resident in Wales.[HL1904]
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office (Lord Taylor of Holbeach): For reasons of confidentiality, the Home Office does not routinely comment on the residential status of individuals.


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    Doris 9 years ago

    If it was an Al Queda operative, then it would be another story. What about van Hoogenstraaten who gave Mugabe 3 mil quid for the elections? Really? Comes back to “who gives a toss”, doesn’t it?

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    michael 9 years ago

    Basically this demonstrates the comparable differences between a civilized democratic society, which upholds the human rights and civil liberties of any persons, criminal or otherwise, citizen or not, living within their country, as a matter of law applied to equally all.

    As opposed the racially and ethnically offensive apartheid style (black empowerment, indigenisation) policies lawlessly imposed upon the people of Zimbabwe by the racist “black supremacist” Mugabe and his insidious Zanu-PF cronies as they drag the banana republic of Zimbabwe back in time 200 years.

    Without the rule of law, a country will spiral into the abyss of anarchy. Hey guess what that is exactly where Zimbabwe is heading right now, if fact the journey is well underway.